Ben Affleck: PISSED About Jennifer Garner's New Dude!

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It doesn't take much to make Ben Affleck angry.

In fact, just about anything can cause Batfleck to fly off the handle:

The Affleck

The Patriots fail to cover the spread; his favorite Beantown-chic LA watering hole is still carrying last season's Sam Adams; people start ranking the best Batmans in his presence.

All of these things can cause Ben's face to take on the deep red hue usually associated with former reality show hosts who channel their fear of federal indictment into seething tirades against the media.

Anyway, we've seen Ben very pissed off over the years (Remember when he got drunk and screamed about Tom Brady during what was supposed to be a normal TV interview?), but it turns out we haven't seen him at his angriest:

Jennifer Garner-Ben Affleck

As you may have heard, Ben's ex-wife, Jennifer Garner, has a new boyfriend.

He's a civilian named John Miller, and while he and Jen are reportedly takings things slow, the very idea of the relationship apparently has Ben fuming.

“[Affleck] somehow thought Jen might stay single forever and that no man would ever spend any time with his kids," source close to the situation tells Radar Online.

Jennifer Garner in Black Outfit

The insider adds that Ben's been hooking up with everything that draws breath in the years since he and Garner separated, but he assumed she would just move into a convent or something:

“Although [Ben] hasn’t been short of women since splitting with Jen, she avoided dating until she met John,” the source noted.

“She made a point of never introducing him to her children until her divorce was official.”

Ben Affleck for Justice League

Making matters worse is the fact that Ben's kids basically roasted him within an inch of his life with the old "our new dad's not a raging boozebag" routine:

“When Ben and Jen met up with the kids, they kept talking about mommy’s new friend and how much fun he was,” revealed the source.

“They were saying how he knows how to cook and doesn’t like alcohol, which really got to Ben.”

Ben Affleck Looks Pissed

Whoa. Was this a post-rehab reunion or a Comedy Central roast?

We're sure it stings a bit your kids start dunking on you over your drinking problem, but Ben will be fine.

He's got 22-year-old Playboy models to console him.

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