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History was made on Bachelor in Paradise last night.

Much to the chagrin of many contestants.

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A week after Kristian Haggerty, the woman who had been dating Demi Burnett when the later jetted off for Mexico and briefly got involved with fellow star Derek Peth, landed in Paradise to remind Burnett why she loved her…

… Chris Harrison announced that Kristian was actually sticling around.

She is now the first-ever non-Bachelor or Bachelorette suitor to play an active role on the series.

This was an unusual and very scripted move — and it also meant Derek was officially on the market.

Enter Tayshia, who made it clear she wants Derek to maybe enter her at some point.

“I definitely have a soft spot for Derek, yes,” Tayshia told the cameras, adding:

“Derek has substance to him and I feel like he’s established. I feel like Derek, he just has his stuff together.”

After stating her feelings plainly, Tayshia let John Paul Jones — to whom she’d given her previois rose — know that she’d be okay with him exploring his options.

And although Jones didn’t want to date anyone else, two newcomers wanted to date him.

Oh, yes, a new love triangle was formed on Monday.

First, Tahzjuan Hawkins from Colton Underwood’s season of The Bachelor arrived following “four plane rides and lost luggage.”

She talked things up a lot with Jones and then decided to use her date card on him.

Although he still thought Tayshia was the bomb diggity, Jones donned a Speedo, shaved and went on his new dinner date, later getting a little sick after eating.

Thankfully, though, Tahzjuan managed to distract him after she jumped in the water naked.

“The thought of getting engaged at the end of this, I’m excited,” she said in an on-camera interview after the X-rated date.

All was not smooth sailing for the twosome, however, as Haley Ferguson from Ben Higgins’ season quickly entered the fray toss an obstacle onto Tahzjuan’s journey to love.

She asked Jones out on a date that made Tahzjuan’s “blood boil,” almost literally it turned out.

Medics had to arrive and check on Tahzjuan, making her lie down on a daybed due to dehydration.

Meanwhile, Jones and Ferguson went on their daytime outing that involved riding horses on the beach before changing into their bathing suits and drinking champagne on the sand.

Jones slathered Haley’s rear end in sunscreen and the two made out in the ocean.

“I don’t know how much more of this I can take,” Tahzjuan said back on the beach as she watched other couples canoodle in the water.

Cue an awkward conversation between her and Jones.

“I had a great time last night,” he began, continuing as follows:

“I hope you did too. I also had a great time today, but listen, I admire you, so I just know that what I’m sure of at this point is I’m enjoying our talk right now, as uncomfortable as it might be.

"As a man, I can certainly say I’m emotionally and physically drained right now.”

What did this mean for the future of Haley and Tahzjuan — who slammed each other as "pigeons" and "seagulls" during a confrontation — considering the men held the roses this week?

At the rose ceremony, Demi kicked things off by giving her rose to Kristian of course.

Dean Unglert followed by handing his rose to Caelynn Miller-Keyes, despite telling her earlier that he didn’t think their relationship would extend beyond the program due to the fact that he’s traveling the world in his van.

Blake Horstmann’s flower was up for contention because Kristina Schulman was pushing for him to give her a friendship rose instead of exploring his connection with Caitlin Clemmens.

And he did exactly that in the end, leaving Caitlin without a rose despite promising it to her previously.

Derek then chose to try things with Tayshia and gave her his rose.

And John Paul Jones? He went with Haley, thereby sending Tahzjuan home.

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