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Now that five of the Duggar girls are pregnant, it seems like the family is working overtime to populate the next generation with little Duggars.

Of the girls, rebellious cousin Amy Duggar seems like she’ll be a particularly cool mom.

She’s been giving us life with her adorable series of baby bump photos, and this new one is sure to ruffle uncle Jim Bob’s feathers.

Late last week, Amy took to Instagram to post an especially revealing photo of her ever-growing baby bump.

Only Amy’s torso is in frame. She’s wearing just a gray bra, forcing the focus onto her bare midriff.

Amy’s husband, Dillon King, is cuddled up against Amy’s exposed bump, with a serene expression on his face.

Amy Duggar Kisses Dillon

This is pretty racy stuff for someone from the Duggar family. Of all the girls, only Amy would even try this.

Of course, many people who weren’t raised in ultra-conservative Christian househoulds will notice Amy’s not scantily clad.

She’s wearing more than that time she showed off her bikini, after all.

Even so, there’s a striking, almost uncomfortable intimacy to Amy’s latest baby bump photo. 

We feel almost like we’re sneaking a close-up peep of this very tender moment Amy and Dillon are sharing.

Obviously, Amy put this online so the whole world could share in her joy, but we bet the shot still made a few of the other Duggars blush.

Amy Duggar and Dillon

Amy’s fans and followers were definitely not offended though.

Her baby bump photos always get a lot of love, and this one was no exception.

Commentors didn’t miss a beat, with many rushing to pile on the praise.

Photo via Instagram

"One of the more beautiful maternity photos I’ve seen," wrote one friendly fan, adding "Congrats girl! What a beautiful life."

"Amy!!!" exclaimed another comment, "This is THE most precious"

For her part, Amy herself included a simple caption with her post: "Loving on this 30 week bump tonight!"

Amy Duggar Is a *Cool* Mom

Several fans couldn’t believe how fast the pregnancy seems to have gone by.

"Can’t believe there is only ten more weeks!" one excited fan pointed out.

That’s right, we are mere weeks away from meeting little Daxton Ryan.

Amy revealed her baby’s name in a recent beach vacation photo that, naturally, also featured her baby bump.

All these photos just go to show that Amy Duggar is already totally obsessed with her baby.

Amy and Dillon are obviously over the moon for each other, and it looks like baby Dax will be born into a very loving household.

Not to mention he’ll already have an army of fans wiaiting to tell Amy how adorable he is.

Photo via Instagram

We know we’re excited to see Amy make the transition from bump pics to baby pics. 

That said, we’re sure Amy will use the next couple months to continue showing off that bump, and we will be here for it!