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Convinced that Khloe Kardashian is out to trash his reputation, Tristan Thompson is desperate for everyone to think he’s a good guy.

That’s probably why he keeps posting cute pics of his kids, though most Kardashian fans aren’t buying it.

Tristan was at it again this weekend, with a fresh shot of his two-year-old son Prince living it up on a yacht.

Prince is a seriousy precious kid, and the cute factor is on full display in Tristan’s new Instagram post.

The shot shows Prince grinning excitedly as he lounges on the deck of the yacht, with his hands behind his head.

He’s sporting a plaid bathing suit, and his very own personalized bling, a gold necklace with a pendant shaped like the letter P, for Prince.

All in all it looks like Prince is having a beautiful sunny day out on the water and frankly it’s hard not to be a little envious.

"My little Prince is living life," said Tristan in the photo’s caption, adding a heart-eyed smiley emoji.

And living it well, it seems!

We love that Tristan is so obviously overcome by his own kid’s cuteness.

And judging from the huge flood of comments that quickly followed the post, fans were feeling the love too.

Tristan Thompson and Son Prince at a Party

"Awww he’s so cute!!" wrote one commentor.

"Omg he’s soooo beautiful," agreed another, adding a kissy face emoji.

"Living the best life!" another comment said. 

"This so playa haha," wrote fellow NBA player Jordan Clarkson.

He’s not wrong! Despite only being two, Prince does have an indefinable swagger about him in this shot. Maybe it’s just the chain?

Although many users popped in to praise the photo and compliement Prince, there was not a lot of love for Tristan in the comments.

Indeed, many of the comments made it plain that fans have not forgiven Tristan for his cheating playboy antics.

"We’re still salty about Khloe," one comment said.

"Exactly!" another poster agreed, adding ‘Imagine when his kids grow up and find out how he treated their mums."

Khloe Kardashian Holds True on Her First Birthday

Other comments focused on his reputation as a deadbeat dad.

"The one time he gets his kid, he posts," said one comment. You can almost hear the eye roll coming from this user.

Another commentor chimed in, "I’m glad to see this photo people commenting you don’t spend time with your son."

Tristan Thompson and True Thompson,

Fans also noticed the absence of Tristan’s daughter and Prince’s half-sister True, with several comments wondering why she wasn’t in the pic.

It turns out True was exactly where she belongs, spending the weekend at home with her mom, Khloe Kardashian.

Khloe’s Instagram story showed an equally adorable video of True splashing around in her blow-up pool over the weekend.

It may not be a yacht, but hey maybe next time. We’re pretty sure Khloe could make that happen.

Even if Tristan wanted to hang out with Prince and True at the same time, we aren’t sure about the logistics of making it happen.

Given their past entanglements, we can’t imagine Khloe collaborating with Jordan Craig to organize that particular play date very often.

But we know Prince and True have met before, and we hope that Prince gets plenty more chances to hang out with his sister at some point.

In the mean time, we’re loving the father-son bonding on display during this boys’ weekend excursion.