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The Real Housewives of Orange County shocked some fans by making major changes to the cast for Season 14.

Case in point, Orange County OG Vicki Gunvalson was demoted to Friend status, and will only appear in cameos.

But as one long-time Housewife leaves the spotlight, another will actually be returning to the series!

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That’s right, Meghan King Edwards will return for Season 14 to stir up some drama along with the rest of the gang.

Meghan’s return notably comes after a two-year asbence from the series. 

Just like Vicki, Meghan will only be making cameos as a Friend of the Housewives.

But hey, it’s better than not being on the show at all. 

Meghan is expected to feature in scenes with full Housewives Tamra Judge and Shannon Beador.

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We first met Meghan in 2015 when she joined the Orange County crew for Season 10. Even then, Meghan didn’t live in the area full-time.

Instead, she would travel frequently between Orange County and her other home in St. Louis, with her husband Jim Edmonds.

Jim played for the St. Louis Cardinals at the time, but his two oldest daughters lived in Orange County. 

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As we have previously reported, a lot has changed for Meghan since 2015.

She had her first daughter, Aspen, in 2016, then twin boys Hart and Hayes in 2018.

Now she lives in Missouri full time, building her dream home with her family. 

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That all sounds dreamy, but Meghan’s family life is far from perfect. 

Last month it came to light that Jim was having an affair.

He admitted that he "engaged in inappropriate conversation" with another woman and also exchanged dirty photos over the phone.

It sounds like the infidelity didn’t go as far as it could have.

But it’s certainly enough that Meghan and Jim are now publicly working on their marriage.

Meghan shed some light on the process in her Monday interview with

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"We’re still married," Meghan said, "we’re still together, we’re not separated."

She downplayed the drama, saying "We’re in the family home, we’re in the same bed."

"We’re not having therapy, we’re talking," Meghan added.

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Choosing to trust someone who just betrayed your whole family is a big gamble, but Meghan seems unafraid.

"I’ve just got to have faith that he’s not going to screw up," Meghan explained.

"But I know he’s not going to screw up," she added, "He really wants to make this work."

And Jim’s shady behavior isn’t the only dilemma on Meghan’s plate.

Meghan also revealed this month that her son Hart has "irreversible brain damage."

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"Hart has minor Periventricular Leukomalacia on both sides of his brain," Meghan shared on her blog earlier this month. 

She wrote that the condition causes Hart to have slightly delayed physical milestones as he grows.

The condition also includes rigid muscles, stiff joints, and weakness in his lower back.

According to Meghan, Hart could be diagnosed with cerebral palsy in the future, and will continue to be monitored.

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We are wishing Meghan all the best for her marriage and her family’s health. It seems like she’s going through an awful lot right now.

Fans will have a chance to cheer Meghan on soon! The Real Housewives of Orange County will return next month on Bravo.