Jay Smith: Here's Why Ashley DESERVED to Be Cheated On!

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For months and months, Jay Smith has been insinuating that he's not the only villain in his marriage.

Ashley and Jay are divorcing after his (latest) adultery, but did Ashley "do something" to him?

At the Tell All special, Jay finally aired his accusations.

Jay Smith unhappily tells all

Fans were teased ahead of the airing of part two of the 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? Season 4 Tell all.

With the promise that Jay would finally be giving a voice to his claims about Ashley, fans wondered what he might be planning to say.

"Grab a Snickers …" Ashley told her followers.

"If I did something so bad," she wrote. "He wouldn’t have said he wanted another chance on last week’s episode."

That's a very fair point.

Michael and Kendall Jay Smith friends Tell All

This Tell All special featured the most guests we've ever seen.

Guests included family members, a baby, Larissa's boyfriend, and of course, Jay's friends.

Michael and Kendall -- the guys from the barbershop -- teleconferenced in.

They explained the outrage over Jay disrespecting the place of business with his bathroom hookup.

They also said that Jay was simply too immature to be monogamous. Wow.

Jay Smith Season 4 Tell All

It was their appearance on the show that infuriated Jay ... and prompted him to walk off.

Of course, producers and a camera followed him down the cooridor.

Eventually, they sat him down and let him say his piece.

"Kendall messaged Ashley behind my back," Jay claims to the camera.

"And," he continues. "I confronted him about it."

Ashley Martson at the Season 4 Tell All

Eventually, the producers managed to herd Jay back onto the stage.

Ashley describes how she says that Jay spoke to her after being caught cheating.

"He looked at me right in my face and said: 'Why can't you just leave me alone and let me be happy? She's my age,'" Ashley recalls.

Jay seemed to insist that this was not the case.

Then, Jay leveled an accusation of his own at Ashley.

Ashley Martson Enjoys the Simple Life ... and a Ring

Jay then accuses Ashley of having messaged multiple exes right in front of him.

Ashley claims that she did nothing of the sort until they were already separated.

Then Jay comes out with his big accusation.

He claims that she was messaging one ex, and that he knows this because he searched her phone.

"You guys are ridiculous," Ashley announces. "I’m done with today"

This is when she gets up and walks off of the set, asking producers to remove her mic.

Ashley Martson Gazes Into the Distance

Now, obviously, if it's true that Ashley was messaging an ex, that sounds like a problem.

In the context of someone whose husband is repeatedly cheating on her, though, it's understandable.

This is especially true when you take into consideration the allegations of abuse during their marriage.

Regardless of whom you believe, it is even more clear now than before that Ashley and Jay's marriage was doomed.

It was a toxic relationship. Control issues, cheating, and alleged violence should not be a part of any marriage.

It is a relief that they are no longer in a relationship. Some people should never be together.

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