Jill Duggar Snubbed by Family During Move; Derick Dillard to Blame?

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Reports that Derick Dillard was banned from the family compound sounded like wild speculation from overly zealous fans ... at first.

But now, Jim Bob and Michelle have taken snubbing to a whole new level.

Before, Duggars have crossed state lines to help a daughter move. But they didn't help Jill and Derick with their move that was much closer to home.

Jill Duggar: We Moved!

"We’re moved in!" Jill announced happily on her Instagram.

Jill and Derick and their sons, Israel and Samuel, have clearly moved into one of those newer suburban neighborhoods.

(We're all for the suburbs, but there's something soul-crushing and exposed about the brand new neighborhoods that don't even have real trees yet)

But when Jill shared photos, fans couldn't help but wonder at something missing.

Oh, the furniture was all there. But where was Jill's family? 

Jill Duggar Moving Photo 01

"Wanna thank our friends [Gunner] and Brandon at NWA Move Crew for helping us out!" Jill wrote.

All of that furniture was toted by the moving guys.

Jill has what can only be described as a small army of brothers, and none of them showed up to help her out?

Her fans and followers were instantly suspicious.

Did Jim Bob and Michelle keep anyone from pitching in as a passive aggressive way of disapproving of the move?

Was there some huge family conflict that, like the sex crimes perpetrated by Jill's older brother, the family kept quiet?

Jill Duggar Moving Photo 02

Understand that we're not the ones asking these questions -- it's Jill's own fans who wanted to know why their move to Lowell, AK was a solo op.

"Sounds like there may be a fallout," speculated one commenter.

"Why are none of your 18 siblings helping you move?" asked a fan.

"I had the same thought," added another follower.

"I mean, they helped Jinger [Duggar] move all the way to Texas," the comment continues. "Surely they can help with a move in the same state."

Jill Duggar Moving Photo 03

"Why didn’t your family help you?" another fan asked. "They seem pretty practiced in the moving and decorating phase."

"Only asking," that commenter quickly added. "Because I think in a move you need all the help you can get. I do."

Same here.

"I’m just curious but, why didn’t your brothers help?” queried another. “Are your sisters going to help decorate?"

Speaking as someone who has pitched in to help total strangers move unwieldy items, all of these sound like fair questions.

Jill Duggar Moving Photo 04

However, sometimes you have to look at every piece of the puzzle before the whole picture can form.

One enterprising commenter pointed out that there's a less dramatic explanation for why Jill's entire family ghosted her for her big move.

"Most of the family is at a conference in Big Sandy, [Texas]," a commenter pointed out.

It's hard to help somebody move into their Arkansas home from Texas.

"Michelle [Duggar] has been posting updates for a few days now," the follower noted.

"Just because the family may not have helped with the move," the fan reasoned. "That doesn’t mean there is a falling out."

That's fair enough.

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