Demi Burnett Roasts Homophobes After Coming Out as Queer: Coexist Motha F--ka!

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Demi Burnett found love in Paradise. That's not much of a spoiler, since even the trailer showed Demi kissing her lady love.

Unfortunately, Bachelor in Paradise reaching this long-overdue milestone of inclusiveness resulted in some bigoted backlash.

See how Demi tastefully clapped back at what homophobes had to say to her:

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On Monday, July 22, Demi Burnett took to Twitter to officially come out.

"Spoiler alert: I’m a queer queen," Demi tweeted.

Her announcement was not a total shock, given that she can be seen making out with a woman on the trailer for Bachelor in Paradise.

Unfortunately, as you can imagine, she received some truly hateful, homophobic messages from various bigots.

"The moment you described the relationship as disgusting," Demi replied to one homophobe. "Is the moment you claimed yourself as homophobic"

Some of the replies she received were too slur-filled to transcribe and have been removed by Twitter for violating a whole bunch of Twitter rules.

Demi Burnett tweet vs homophobe

Demi also received some considerably less hostile messages that, nonetheless, missed the mark.

"I know you’re trying to mean well," Demi wrote in response to a now-deleted tweet.

"However," Demi continued. "The goal is for the LGBTQ+ community to not be viewed as separate."

"Saying they need a “rainbow bachelor” is a bit homophobic," she explained. "We are all humans."

"Segregation based on sexuality needs to die," Demi affirmed. "Coexist motha f--ka."

That last line is very, very good.

Demi Burnett tweet vs separate but equal

But Demi didn't just want to highlight to hateful messages that she received.

"My DMs are so blown up with love that y’all have drowned out all the hate," Demi wrote to her fans and followers.

"It’s 3am," she tweeted. "And I’m going to bed with a smile on my face."

"Love you all so much," Demi gushed.

Following a double-heart emoji, Demi concluded: "Thank you."

We're heartbroken that she received so much hate from people vowing to quit watching Bachelor in Paradise, but encouraged by the support she received.

Demi Burnett Poses

A few folks on Twitter expressed confusion after Demi came out.

If she's queer ... does that mean that she wasn't really that into Colton in the first place?

Queer as a word within the LGBTQ+ community goes back to before World War I. 

Then, as now, it was used as an umbrella term. Someone who might identify as gay or bisexual or avoid a specific label might go by queer.

So, too, might someone whose gender identity never really matched up with what was assigned to them at birth. And that's not an exhaustive list.

Decades later, queer became a slur, only to later be thoroughly reclaimed by the community.

These days, it is an increasingly popular label, in part because of its inclusive nature. Labels don't have to be divisive, after all.

Demi Burnett on Instagram

So yes, Demi was really into Colton Underwood.

But it turns out to be a very good thing that she wasn't his final choice.

She ended up finding love all on her own.

As we reported last month, Demi does more than just kiss this woman.

Demi is part of the Bachelor Nation's first same-sex engagement.

Demi Burnett Smiles

Bachelor in Paradise has always seemed like a good setting for a more inclusive environment.

It's hard to tell an LGBTQ+ love story on The Bachelor or The Bachelorette -- at least, so long as all of the contestants are women or men, respectively.

And despite those shows being based upon dating multiple people, it's not really a good polyamorous story if, in the end,, you just end up with a couple.

But Bachelor in Paradise has a lot more options, a lot more chaos, and a lot more potential.

This season, we're getting a queer engagement. Maybe next season, an actual long-term throuple. It's exciting to consider.

That said, anything would be an improvement over last season's painful drama.

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