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She may be a Bhad Bhabie (whatever the hell that is), but she’s very good at cashing in on viral fame.

When Danielle Bregoli first grabbed the spotlight thanks to her absolutely bonkers appearance on The Dr. Phil Show, it was widely assumed that she would be a flash in the pan — the internet’s new flavor of the month.

Danielle Bregoli
Photo via Instagram

But more than 18 months after Bregoli memorably told an appalled studio audience to cash her ousside, the 16-year-old is still enjoying some major clout — and raking in some serious bank.

TMZ is reporting today that Bregoli has signed $1 million songwriting deal with Pulse Music Group.

Obviously, Danielle — who raps under the name Bhad Bhabie — is very far from giving the world’s youngest self-made billionaire a run for her money — but the deal could turn out to be worth a lot more than a mill.

Here’s how the deal breaks down:

Danielle Bregoli, Tongue Out
Photo via Instagram

On Friday (when the contracts are officially signed) Bregoli will get $350,000 upfront.

She’ll receive two installments of $325,000 each over the course of the next 12 months.

Not too shabby, especially by the standards of a high school junior.

But like we said, that’s just the beginning.

Danielle Bregoli at the Billboard Music Awards
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The $1 million is an advance on her future royalties, but Bregoli will also receive 70 percent of future record sales, licensing fees and digital streaming.

That’s such a sweet deal that if Bregoli ever gets "prestige biopic" famous, for once we won’t have to sit through the scene where she gets grifted by her shady manager!

Pulse may not be a household name, but its current roster of artists includes Run the Jewels, Ty Dolla Sign, and Rich the Kid.

Danielle Bregoli with Long Fingernails
Photo via Instagram

So it sounds like they really deliver for their artists.

After all, you can’t really get away with putting "Jewels," "Rich," or "Dolla Sign" in your name unless you’re banking harder than the Fed.

So we guess congratulations are in order for the young woman formerly known as the Cash Me Ousside Girl.

For now, the Danielle Bregoli-Kylie Jenner feud may be a one-sided thing, but Kylizzle might want to start watching her back, how bow dah?