Calee Lutes: Who is the Model Peter Weber Dumped to Date Hannah?

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You don't have to follow The Bachelorette Spoilers to know the truth about Peter Weber.

Fans were charmed by him. And he "charmed" Hannah not once, but four times ... in a windmill.

He also ditched his girlfriend to be on reality TV. But just who is Calee Lutes, exactly?

Peter Weber’s EX GF Calee Lutes speaks out!

First, a quick recap.

For half a year, Calee Lutes and Peter Weber were dating -- getting together in June of 2018 and splitting in December.

Calee says that Peter did not offer her an explanation for why they were breaking up, but that she later figured it out.

She says that Peter must have ended the romance because he had found out that he would be a suitor on The Bachelorette.

Though he broke up with her months before he met Hannah and started filming, Calee feels betrayed.

Calee Lutes Image

Calee is a model from Atlanta. Peter is from California.

However, last June, he was participating in one-month training for Delta Airlines.

While he was in the area, they met on a dating app.

Things went so well that they decided to keep in touch afterwards, even if it meant a long-distance relationship.

According to Calee, they met each other's families, took vacations as a couple, and even touched on the idea of moving in together.

This sounds like a pretty serious romance, even if it only lasted about six months.

Calee Lutes Photo

According to Calee, they spent a week together as a couple in Atlanta in the middle of December in 2018.

At the time, everything seemed to be going very well.

Things seemed great after Peter headed back home -- so great that she had already bought a ticket to come see him at New Year's.

Then, two days before Christmas, Calee says that Peter dumped her over FaceTime without explanation.

Strangely, he then proceeded to purge any and all traces of her from his Instagram -- untagging photos and deleting her comments. Wow.

Hannah Brown and Peter

Calee herself is a model -- and she clearly has the looks for the role.

She is signed to Wilhelmina LA, NEXT Miami, and UWM Atlanta.

Calee isn't the only photogenic beauty, however -- she has and loves Brian, her American Eskimo mix dog.

Brian even has his own Instagram account, as all dogs should. 

Did you know that he was apparently rescued from a California prison? What a story!

Peter Weber

Calee is actually a fan of The Bachelorette, having watched the show long before Peter signed up.

In the past, she has even used social media to get hyped about cast lists for Bachelor in Paradise.

These days, it would be very reasonable if she has mixed feelings about the franchise.

She feels betrayed because Peter must have known that he was in the running for the role while the two of them were still dating.

He didn't cheat on her with Hannah or anything like that, but she does feel that he signed up behind her back. That had to hurt.

That said, a lot of the Bachelor Nation thinks that Peter made a mostly okay choice. Sometimes, people break up.

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