Bridezilla Tries, Fails to Scam Venue with Painfully Obvious Fake Tyrannical Meltdown

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We've all heard some wild bridezilla horror stories, but most of them are about brides-to-be being cruel or unstable for no good reason.

In this case, however, the bridezilla's tyrannical meltdown was part of a scheme.

There was a method to her madness. Fortunately, the venue for her reception found a clever way to end her reign of terror.

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Reddit may be generally viewed as a cesspool by much of the internet, but the site does have its gems.

For example, a former hotel employee opened up about about a harrowing encounter with a deeply memorable bridezilla.

On Reddit's bridezilla forum, a post describes a woman's dramatic meltdown ... which appeared to be part of a deliberate scam.

The post's author shared that they used to work at a hotel that was particularly "popular for wedding receptions."

The hotel was noted for its "beautiful grounds for photos, great food, and a lovely dining room."

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"We had a wedding coordinator who made a wedding plan book with everything you could think of," the post reads.

It continues: "from colored ribbon samples balloon choices food lists you name it, it was in this book and the bride got a copy of everything,”

“Brides were invited to view the room the night before the reception," the former hotel employee explains.

They are invited to do so "to approve table placement and we had one table fully set as an example with flowers etc."

That makes a lot of sense. But nothing is ever good enough for a bridezilla. ...

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"Bridezilla turns up late for her viewing," the post's author recalls. "And goes crazy."

The post says that this got "to the point we thought she was having a psychotic break.”

“…the china was the wrong pattern, the silverware was wrong, the glasses weren't cut crystal," the OP describes her complaints.

The post continues to list her gripes: "the flowers were wrong, the ribbons were the wrong shade."

To hear the bride-to-be tell it, "everything was wrong we were ruining her wedding."

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"Everything we had done was right according to the wedding book," the former hotel employee points out.

The clever wedding coordinator had made sure that "everything checked with the bride and literally signed off."

"(She made the bride sign for everything as it was picked and any changes were signed next to),” the post notes.

“Her fiance went out to the car," the post reveals. "And brought in a file with her dream wedding reception in it."

"She had literally pasted cut out articles from magazines over her copy of the wedding book," the former hotel employee writes.

It seems like this scheming bridezilla was "thinking we would honor it at the last minute."

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Clearly, there was a method to this woman's madness -- she wanted a free upgrade.

"So," the post shares. "She was told that she either abided by the contract she made with us."

She could do that "or she could have her dream wedding but no reception and the hotel would sue her for the costs."

"The reception went ahead without a hitch," the author triumphantly reveals.

"And," the post adds. "Everyone said it was wonderful."

"Thank god for Valium," the reddit post concludes.

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"I think (the coordinator) had dealt with bridezillas before and came up with the book out of self-preservation," a commenter suggested.

"Everything was documented and signed," the comment continued. "Stops the lawyers making money but it doesn't stop a bride from losing their s--t though."

"The book and contract have all the markings of 'lessons learned the hard way,'" another redditor observed.

"That is an exceptionally smart wedding coordinator," praised another commenter. "She has all the receipts!"

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