Ashley Jacobs: Just Because I'm Hurtful Doesn't Make Me a Villain!

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Despite what Southern Charm fans saw to their horror last year, some have stood up and said that Ashley Jacobs isn't as bad as people think.

True or not, she earned herself the oft-coveted label of reality TV villain.

In a new interview, Ashley is saying exactly what that label makes her feel -- and whether she believes its deserved.

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"For me to be dubbed the villain, it hurt," Ashley admits to Entertainment Tonight.

Some reality stars wear the "villain" label with pride. Ashley clearly does not.

"I started to think, you know, where did I go wrong, and what could I have done differently?" she describes.

Ashley admits: "I can certainly be blunt, and I can certainly…"

"I have a sharp tongue," she acknowledges. "And I know how that can be misconstrued."

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"I did say some hurtful things," Ashley confirms.

We've all seen those hostile, hurtful moments, even if we'd like to forget that time that she called Kathryn an "egg donor."

"My No. 1 regret is saying those things to Kathryn," she emphasizes.

"My regret is not keeping my mouth shut," she adds. "My regret is letting my feelings get the best of me, and reacting without thinking."

"Sitting on those feelings," she notes.

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"My regret is saying those things in front of a large group," Ashley continues.

She had things that she wanted to discusss with Kathryn, but knows that she should never have approached her the way that she did.

Ashley regrets "not pulling her aside and talking to her, and explaining my feelings."

"I might have felt that way, but that wasn't -- that wasn't the time or place," Ashley acknowledges.

She affirms: "That wasn't the way to do it."

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Ashley also opens up about her time starring on Southern Charm when she was with disgraced former star Thomas Ravenel.

"It was dark, and it was really lonely," Ashley expresses.

"I lost a lot of weight," she notes. "I wasn't taking care of myself mentally."

"And," Ashley recalls. "I felt that I had so much more that I wanted to say and to do."

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"There was a lot of regrets, and a lot of things I wanted to do over," Ashley makes clear.

"The more I tried to control that, or wish things were different, the worst -- the more of a toll it took on me," she admits.

How awful!

Ashley reveals: "I suffered from depression, situational depression."

Ashley Jacobs and Thomas Ravenel

She ended up stopping by Eliza Limehouse's gathering "on a whim."

"I didn't wanna look back and say, what if?" Ashley explains. "How would things have been different had I tried? What if things went well?"

"I was gonna start the process of asking for people's forgiveness," she admits.

"I wanted them to see that I was trying," Ashley reasons.

"And," she continues, she wanted them to see "that I was trying to be a better person, and that I had worked on myself."

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"I was an optimist," Ashley admits.

"And some people say I'm delusional for thinking that way," she says. "But I always think, how would I want someone to treat me?"

"So I thought, maybe they’re gonna put themselves in my position and just listen to me," Ashley explains.

"Did I feel like I owed them an apology?" she asks, answering: "No,"

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"I owed Kathryn an apology," Ashley emphasizes.

"But," she notes. "Everyone was saying that, in order to get to Kathryn, I'd have to speak with them."

"I didn't really understand that," she admits. "But I thought, whatever I need to do, I'll try that if that helps."

"They never wanted to be my friend to begin with, that's the truth," Ashley believes.

"But," she concludes. "I dug myself a deep grave that I just thought I had to try to make them understand."

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