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Last month, the television world was stunned when actress Pauley Perrette alleged that she was assaulted on the set of her hit CBS series NCIS.

Shortly thereafter, Perrette dropped another bombshell, claiming that it was none other than beloved NCIS star Mark Harmon who attacked her.

Mark Harmon and Pauley Perrette

The scandal has sent shockwaves through the network, and it seems producers of CBS’ most popular drama are awaiting the result of an investigation before they settle on a course of disciplinary action.

It seems this indecisiveness is not sitting well with Perrette or the advocacy groups demanding action on her behalf.

And while their frustrations come as no surprise, there’s been a good deal of shock over the fact that Harmon is also upset by the network’s handling of the situation.

Yes, it seems the 67-year-old actor feels that network execs are standing idly by while Perrette assassinates his character.

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An insider tells Radar Online that Harmon issued an ultimatum to top CBS brass during a recent conference call.

“You’d better rein in Pauley Perrette   — or I’ll sue her!” the actor reportedly seethed.

"Mark told them he hasn’t hired a lawyer yet, but is ready to take legal action if she continues to claim he assaulted and intimidated her," the source recalls.

Perrette, 50, claims that Harmon  “body checked” her during a confrontation on set.

Pauley Perrette in a Sling

“Pauley has made it seem as if he got physical with her, which he insists he never did!” the source claims.

“Mark feels the whole thing has gotten out of hand and wants CBS to do something before he is forced to!”

Perrette says he then attempted to intimidate her into keeping quiet about the incident.

Clearly, those (alleged) efforts were ineffective, as the actress has been telling her story on Twitter for several weeks now:

Pauley Perrette Pose
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“I am terrified of Harmon attacking me. I have nightmares about it," she tweeted.

As for her future on NCIS, Perrette says she will never return to the show that made her famous.

"NO I AM NOT COMING BACK! EVER!  (Please stop asking?)," Perrette recently posted.

"I have a new show that is SAFE AND HAPPY! You’ll love it!"

Pauley Perrette on Season 15

That new show is a CBS sitcom entitled Broke.

Many feel that the network sees casting Perrette on a new series as a compromise of sorts.

Harmon is one of CBS’ biggest stars at the moment, and it seems execs are hoping to appease both parties.

However, it looks ass though Harmon is unlikely to be satisfied by that arrangement:

NCIS Scene

“Mark is starting to have his PR people put out a positive story about him to counteract all the negative stuff,” says the source.

“But he’s still looking for meaningful backup from the network."

Something tells us this situation is soon to get even uglier.

We’ll bring you further developments on this ongoing story as more information becomes available.