Kylie Jenner and Jordyn Woods: Fixing Friendship Behind Khloe's Back!

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Early this year, Jordyn Woods was accused of kissing Tristan Thompson. Khloe freaked, and Jordyn lost her home, her reputation, and her best friend.

Jordyn made it clear that she would always love Kylie Jenner, no matter what. And it looks like Kylie may feel the same way. ...

A new report says that the two former besties are mending fences, even if it's over Khloe's furious objections.

Jordyn Woods With Kylie Jenner

From day one, Jordyn adamantly denied the unproven rumor that she made out with Tristan Thompson.

She explained, in very clear terms, that she had been at the same party with him, sat near him, and that he gave her an unsolicited kiss.

Regardless, Khloe's wrath forced the entire Kardashian family to shun Jordyn, who had been like a sister to Kylie.

This devastating rift seemed impossible to mend ... until now.

According to a report by Us Weekly, "Their relationship is on the road to recovery."

Jordyn Woods on Insta

Jordyn and Kylie were so close before this debacle that Jordyn had been residing, permanently, in Kylie's guest house.

Days after the news broke about the alleged smooching with Tristan, and a heartbroken Jordyn was sent packing -- literally.

Fortunately, though she moved in with her mom for the time being, she has now secured a new home of her own.

According to a source, Jordyn is "is so happy in her new house.”

That is very good to hear.

Jordyn Woods, Photographed by Kylie Jenner

“She wants a fresh start;" the insider says of Jordyn's plans moving forward.

Jordyn has already come a long way, fighting back against being blacklisted, defending her name, and keeping her sanity.

The source notes: "she’s proud of herself."

She should be!

And while the report says that the two of them are slowly on the mend, they're not joined at the hip again -- not yet.

"Kylie knows the separation from Jordyn will help both of them -- and Kylie’s family -- to heal," the insider explains.

Jordyn Woods and Kylie Jenner Look Great

That's absolutely right, because Jordyn did more than just buy some real estate and decorate her new home.

Jordyn has an upcoming role on the Freeform show, Grown-ish.

"Jordyn has been trying to show the world that she isn’t riding on the Jenner-Kardashian coattails any longer," the source says.

"And that she’s doing her own thing," the insider adds. "And living her life comfortably."

Proving herself as an actress is a huge step towards showing everyone that she's her own person, not just a plus-one.

Jordyn Woods Selfie

It's good that Jordyn is working on making a new name for herself, for multiple reasons.

One, success is always its own reward, right? You don't need an excuse to go into acting.

But two, Khloe's temper tantrum earlier this year shows the terrible double standard to which Jordyn was being held.

Khloe -- and by extension, her family -- treated Jordyn's alleged kiss with Tristan as seriously as if Khloe's actual sister had done it.

(Age is also a factor here, since Jordyn is more than a dozen years younger than Khloe and very much not her peer)

But they didn't show Jordyn the kind of patience or trust that they would show a sister. The minute Khloe wanted her gone, she was gone.

Jordyn and Kylie coudl go back to being best friends, but Jordyn knows too much to ever trust like that again.

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