Floribama Shore: MTV Reveals New Location For Season 3!

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It's puke and rally time, y'all. The Floribama Shore crew is back! 

MTV announced on Tuesday that it has renewed the hit reality show for a third season.

And while the full cast is set to return, they're switching up the location!

Floribama Shore Cast

The crew is bored of Panama City Beach, ok? 

They need new scenery, new sandy beaches and of course, new bars.  

So now, they're moving the party to the streets of St. Petersburg, FL!  

Kortni Gilson

The show premiered on MTV in 2017 and was dubbed the Jersey Shore for the south.

Considering their amount of alcohol-induced fights, hug-it-out apologies, and sexual encounters filmed in night vision -- yeah it's a tad nostalgic of the OG series in Jersey. 

But audience members seem to actually enjoy the revamped iteration and are ready for more.

Kortni Gilson Goes Ham on Floribama Shore

"Audience's favorite southerners will reunite and head to St. Petersburg, FL, bringing the drama, the romance, the friendship, and fun along with them for the hottest time yet," the press release read. 

Adding that the original boisterous bunch will all be there bringing the heat to the new season. 

Including Jeremiah Buoni, Codi Butts, Kortni Gilson, Aimee Hall, Kirk Medas, Nilsa Prowant, Candace Rice, and Gus Smyrnios.

Rice, Candace

"After a dramatic wrap up in Panama City Beach last season, the gloves are off," the press release continued. 

"From hookups and breakups to laughs and tears, they've been through it all together."

"Now, in a new city, there are fresh stories to tell as the crew parties it up and puts real life on hold for another summer."

Codi Butts - Floribama Shore

MTV has yet to reveal why they are moving the show's filming from the Florida panhandle to the St. Petersburg area -- however, several media outlets were happy to offer explanations. 

According to the Pensacola News Journal, many PCB locals have not enjoyed the cast filming in town.

(Imagine that?) 

They felt as though it gave them "a bad reputation." 

Nilsa on Floribama Shore Season 1

But the Bay County film commissioner Julie Gordan told the Tampa Bay Times that the show "had a great economic impact" and the locals "barely noticed they were there."

"Of course, you can ask local officials, and they'll say it's the most god-awful thing they ever saw," she said of the reality show. 

But she's got something for the haters:

"Well, it's not for you, it's for the 25-year-olds."

Drunk Codi on Floribama Shore

"I've talked to many Uber drivers who say people want to see the shore house, or the bars they hang out at... The show is not all pure nasty."

Another reason the show may have relocated is due to the significant damage the city suffered from Hurricane Michael back in October 2018. 

Several of the show's main filming locations sustained damages, while some were completely destroyed. 

Kortni Gilson Is NOT Pregnant

According to the Pinella County film commissioner Tony Armer, the cast began filming season 3 earlier this week.

The show's official "Shore House" is somewhere in the southern part of the county and Tony also added that they will be filming in and around town. 

"It could be [filmed] anywhere from downtown St. Petersburg to the Clearwater beaches," he said. 

"I'm guessing they'll have some outings in Tampa as well."

Nilsa Prowant

The Tampa Bay Times also reported that the production company, 495 Productions, applied for and was granted permits to shoot in public locations through July 15.

The same production company also shot the show Party Down South in this location a few years ago. 

MTV has yet to release a premiere date for season 3, but as stated in the press release, fans can expect it to air sometime this fall. 

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