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Fans and viewers of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? watched in horror as Pedro betrayed Chantel during his indefinite visit to the DR.

What was already a bad situation got worse, and fans have been wondering if they’re together or if they have finally divorced.

Despite contractual obligations to keep certain things a secret, Chantel has been dropping major hints about her current relationship status.

Photo via Instagram

In a recent photo, Chantel Everett looked cute in a dress in a kitchen in Ecuador.

"In the ‘kitchen of your life’, you have a choice as to what ingredients you want to use to build yourself up," Chantel quoted in the captions.

She attributed the quote to Selorm Betepe Alfred.

In another photo, she pet an extremely good dog.

"Akita is one of my favorite dog breeds," Chantel wrote. "I had 2 growing up named Tsunami and Petra R.I.P."

Chantel expressed that she "was grateful to be able to pet one on my walk in Ecuador."

Photo via Instagram

Chantel is helping at-risk folks in Ecuador for her medical Spanish certification and nutrition elective for Nursing.

Aside from showing Chantel’s cultural experiences, what do these two photos have in common?

Well, for one thing, Pedro is nowhere to be seen in the pics.

But for another, Chantel is bending over backwards to make sure that her left ring finger is prominently displayed in both pics.

And on that finger? We still clearly see her wedding band. Here, we zoomed in for you.

Now, some people continue to wear their wedding bands even when they are no longer married.

Some people’s fingers just feel naked without them. Some are still holding onto hope of reconciliation.

A stunningly beautiful woman like Chantel might wear a ring just to ward off creepy dudes who have more respect for an imaginary husband than they do for her.

But given that she is posing with the ring in photographs that she herself is uploading, none of those explanations fit.

She’s either dropping hints that she and Pedro are still together, or she’s trying to trick followers into believing that their marriage endures.

Our guess? Pedro remains a member of the family Chantel.

The Hollywood Gossip

Why is their relationship so in doubt that Chantel may be risking breaking her NDA to shout the truth to the world?

Well, fans very recently saw footage from last year in which Pedro visited the Dominican Republic for an indefinite stay.

(Pedro left Chantel behind; most people would call that a trial separation)

He unwisely allowed his friends to remove his ring, and then he started drinking.

Pedro had a lot of fun. Too much fun, in fact.

Different couples have different boundaries, but it’s hard to imagine Chantel being okay with the way that Pedro danced with Coraima.

The Hollywood Gossip

Now, some dirty dancing is not the same as sex — anyone who isn’t a school dance chaperone or an old-timey preacher can see that.

But Pedro was breaking marital boundaries, flirting with a girl who’s crushing on him, and being encouraged by his sister who loathes his wife.

That’s a sign that things are seriously wrong in a marriage.

Now, maybe Chantel and Pedro have thoroughly patched things up since then.

We hope so. Although …

The Hollywood Gossip

… We very selfishly hope that they haven’t laid all of the drama to rest.

After all, as was announced earlier this year, Chantel and Pedro are getting their very own spinoff series: The Family Chantel.

Chantel’s family is wary around Pedro ever since the brawl last year.

Pedro’s family doesn’t like Chantel and isn’t shy about making it known.

We hope to see that and more in on this new spinoff.

That said … maybe one Chicken Feet Incident is enough. That doesn’t need a repeat.