Grey's Anatomy Recap: One Arrival, Three Departures

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Grey's Anatomy paid homage to Donald Trump on the Season 15 finale of this never-ending ABC drama.

We're just kidding.


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But the series did feature one of its main character using one of the former Apprentice host's favorite sayings, telling a trio of her underlings that they are, indeed, FIRED.

Here's what transpired:

After Meredith and Alex learned that DeLuca was off to prison, the close friends were left to ponder what to do next... while Meredith also needed to fill him on Jo, who at last told her what happened when she went to meet her biological mother behind bars.

As you might expect, it was difficult for Alex to learn what Jo had gone through -- yet Meredith assured Alex that Jo had agreed to get help because she realized her issue simply ran that deep.

With that issue settled, attention turned to the situation at the hospital.


Richard and Alex came across Meredith in a conference room with Bailey and Catherine, confessing to her bosses that it was really her behind the fraud.

However, Richard jumped in just in time to explain that, actually, he, Meredith AND Alex had all been involved, basically challenging Bailey to do something about it.

And then she did:

What can I do? You’re fired,” Bailey said. “All three of you. You’re fired.”

From there, Meredith visited DeLuca in the clink and told him that taking the fall was a dumb thing to do.

She can clean up her own messes, thank him very much, and she had no regrets about getting her patient the best care possible.

“As much as this terrifies me, I love you too,” she added.

bailey strikes


Thanks to some serious fog, Owen got trapped in a huge traffic jam, along with a blood donor with a rare blood type who was the only one who could help a patient at the hospital.

Fortunately, with the help of an ambulance, he fought his way through the massive vehicle hiccup and helped save the day.

In a pile-up of their own, Jackson exited his car to get help and, when Maggie later also let to track him down, the guy was nowhere to be found.

Teddy and Amelia barely made it to the hospital (darn you, fog!) in time for the former to give birth -- and for the latter to spill the tea about Owen having slept with Katerina.

But Owen opened way up Teddy about his love for her and the two named their daughter Allison.

Meanwhile, back at Teddy’s apartment, Koracick continued to put together a crib, completely oblivious to everything that happened.


Finally, Jo was forced to work due to all the fog-related injuries. And she was also forced to handle Gus' blood donor being too frightened to go through with his life-saving procedure.

After succeeding at this vital task, the woman said to Jo:

“There’s something about walking through your fears, actually going through the worst thing that you can imagine happening to you, that’s oddly freeing."

This obviously resonated with the doctor.

She rushed the donated blood to Gus just in time and also apologized to Karev for everything they’d been through; he promised they’d talk to Bailey and get her the help she needs.

Alex helped Jo check into inpatient psychiatry at the hospital, while Bailey informed him that she’d need medication and therapy to treat her depression, but would be fine eventually...

... although she was very disappointed that she had to fire him the same day.

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