Wendy Williams: Kevin Williams Won't Get One More CENT From Me!!

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Two weeks ago, Wendy Williams filed to divorce her awful husband, Kevin Hunter.

Even Wendy's harshest critics have applauded the move, especially when they learned that she had hired security in fear of her safety around him.

Now, she's also taking steps to ensure her financial security -- by cutting him off.


TMZ reports that Wendy Williams has hired a team to ensure that her finances are secure.

She has severed Kevin Hunter's access to her accounts and created all new funds.

Wendy apparently began this process before serving Kevin with divorce papers.

As with hiring the security team, she wanted everything in place before he knew what was happening.

She hasn't limited this conscious uncoupling to money matters, either.

Wendy W.

Wendy has already secured a new home for herself in Manhattan.

TMZ reports that she signed the lease a few weeks ago.

She also went ahead and paid for an entire year's rent.

This is no small move, by the way.

As you may recall, she and Kevin resided together in New Jersey.

Wendy Williams is Proud

We covered the financial and personal (physical) separation.

But we've already reported the professional separation.

Wendy Williams fired Kevin Hunter from her show, where he had worked as an executive producer.

She wasn't sure about that at first, but ultimately realized that they simply could not work together.

Kevin Hunter may play second fiddle to Wendy, but he's known for being a savvy businessman.

TMZ notes that he is expected to demand some sort of severance package if the show wants him to go quietly into this good night.

Wendy Williams Talks Divorce

Of course, Kevin Hunter could have avoided this entire situation if he'd just modified his behavior a little.

Not everyone knows this, but most women have this quirk where they don't love it when their husbands cheat on them.

They can be especially picky about husbands fathering children outside of wedlock.

Who knew?

And then there is a much more serious allegation that has barely been whispered, but may play a larger role in this divorce than anyone imagined.

Wendy Williams Poses

Back in January, during Wendy's infamous hiatus from The Wendy Williams Show, police visited Wendy at home.

According to the report made by the officers, they found Wendy in bed, covered up.

She told them that she was recovering from a broken shoulder.

The visit was because an anonymous caller claiming to work on Wendy's show told the police that her husband may have been poisoning her.

When they asked her if this was true, she teared up but denied it.

Wendy Williams with a Tear

Now, some fans have taken this to mean that Wendy is divorcing Kevin because he was slipping poison into her food.

But other fan theories are more nuanced -- and more likely sounding than an arsenic poisoning. It's 2019, not 1940.

Some believe that Kevin may have been deliberately enabling Wendy's addiction, possibly in the hopes of getting all of her money.

It has even been speculated that he did so because he knew that his affair and his newly fathered lovechild was about to blow up in his face.

But we must stress that we do not know any of that, and that fan theories are not the same thing as official accusations from Wendy, let alone actual facts.

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