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As you’ve likely heard by now, the royal family has spent the last three weeks reeling over reports that Prince William had an affair with Rose Hanbury while Kate Middleton was pregnant.

Rose is the Marchioness of Cholmondeley and a former close friend of Kate’s.

Prince William and Rose Hanburey

These days, the two are on the outs for obvious reasons.

Rumors of William cheating on Kate have circulated countless times in the past, and the couple has always weathered the storm with their grace and dignity intact.

Of course, on those occasions, there weren’t quite as many signs pointing to William’s guilt.

Prince William and Kate Middleton: Still Together!
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In an unusual move, William went to great lengths to bury the story, even having his lawyers send off threatening letters to UK publications that continued reporting on it.

Unfortunately for Will, the British tabloid press has become quite adept at reporting on scandalous royal gossip while at the same time side-stepping libel laws.

One common tactic is to report on the latest gossip by denying it — a savvy strategy that can be used to simultaneously fill the public in on the latest ramblings while covering one’s arse both legally and politically.

Kate Middleton and Prince William Smile Big
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(For some UK outlets, maintaining close ties to the royals is essential for survival.)

That strategy is explained and deftly utilized in this in-depth Royal Foibles article which addresses the theory that Rose was the one to leak news of her affair with William to the press.

The Foibles author points out that the "Rose as smoking gun" theory originated with one small American website called The Cheat Sheet.

But then that same author states that "this little website is well informed."

Rose Hanbury in the Garden
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Hey, bigger stories have been broken by smaller outlets.

Of course, the situation begs the question of why Rose would blow herself in like that, especially since she’s also married.

There are many possible answers, and the most common theory seems to be that she became uopset after Will broke things off.

But in assessing the situation, it’s important ro remember how this story began.

Rose Hanbury on Instagram
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At first, it was reported as an feud between Kate and Rose.

Kate reportedly committed herself to having Rose thrown out of her Norfolk, England social circle, and it was all a big mess.

So could it be that Rose went to the press because she was pissed at Kate?

Tough to say, but it’s certainly more interesting than the lame "she’s mad she got dumped by William angle."