Jill Duggar Claps Back at Fans Who Roasted Her For Killing a Bee

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If you follow her on social media, you're probably well aware that Jill Duggar is no stranger to trash talk.

Most of Jill's critics fall into one of two camps:

Jill Duggar Wears Clothes

There are the folks who love to mom-shame Jill and give her no end of grief for everything from her kids' diet to the location of her home.

(Too close to the freeway! Unsafe! Unsafe!)

And then there are the fans who are very vocal in their belief that Jill should divorce Derick Dillard due to his bigoted belief system.

Jill and Der: Date Night

But over the weekend, Jill took some serious flak from a new group of haters -- followers who take issue with her insensitive stance on bees.

Jill posted the photos below in order to share her latest conquest with fans.

“No, just no,” she captioned the images.

Jill Duggar: Bee Slayer

“I spent several minutes yesterday trying to kill a wasp that come into the house and in the meantime also killed a bee, then killed ANOTHER wasp today!” she added.

"Actually, I hate almost all bugs, but especially those that can actually do some harm … or look like they could!”

The saga continued from there, as Jill spun a thrilling tale of a family imperiled by flying insects:

Jill Duggar Bee Pic

“Israel was helping protect Sam while I kept telling him how I wished @derickdillard was home at that moment to kill the flying, stinging insect! lol I HATE flying critters,” she wrote.

"Who else hates these things with a vengeance?!”

Considering Jill has two young sons at home, you would think just about everyone would be on board with her disposing of stinging pests by whatever means necessary.

Jill Duggar with Son

But several of her followers were not fans of Jill's decision to kill her little home invaders.

“Bees are so good for the environment, don’t kill them,” one wrote.

“Capture them in a cup and let them out, that’s what I do. Wasps suck ass, kill those guys.”

“Seriously, killed a bee? Do you know anything about current events?” added another.

Jill Loves Derick

Others joked about the backlash, with one quipping, “Careful Jill, the insect police might come for you."

Typically, the Duggar women suffer in silence when the internet decides to dogpile them.

But this time, Jill felt compelled to fire back.

Jill Goes Against Jim Bob

“Ya’ll seriously?! If it’s in my home, it’s trespassing," she replied.

"I do try to take most critters outside, but some I just don’t. And I got stung by a bee once on my foot and was on crutches for three days. Literally had to crawl everywhere," she added.

“No joke. Even had to use a little scooter to get around one day since my entire family was at a theme park for the day. I’m not anti-bee, just don’t like them close to me.”

Derick Dillard with Jill Duggar Pic

Wow. We don't know what's more surprising -- that there are so many ardent bee defenders out there, or that Jill has such strong views about bugs.

It's one of those situations where both sides have a point, but we've gotta hand this one to Jill due to the kid factor.

In most cases, killing a bee is a total jackass move, but if their indoors alongside young kids, then they've gotta go.

Feel free to tell us how wrong we are in the comments.

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