Jana Kramer's Husband Mike Caussin Slams Olivia Culpo: You Bang Celebs For a Living!

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Jana Kramer and husband Mike Caussin aren't afraid to speak their minds. No matter what. 

Whether they're discussing hot nannies, Mike's sex addiction, or the struggles of parenthood -- they love opening up about (what they believe are) the "hot topics" of today on the Whine Down with Jana Kramer podcast. 

Jana Kramer Embraces Mike Caussin

And then there's the couple's latest target -- Danny Amendola and Olivia Culpo's messy split.  

In the NFL player's recent social media rant, which we're still not over -- and apparently, neither is Mike and Jana -- Olivia Culpo got slammed by her ex-boyfriend after she was spotted getting close with Zedd at Coachella.

"I believe there should be a boundary btw private life and social media. Olivia believes in fishbowl lifestyle," Danny wrote. 

Danny Amendola and Olivia Culpo

The Detroit Lions wide receiver explained what he meant by saying:

"Olivia chooses and wants to be noticed on the internet and in Hollywood to make money. Which was hard for [me] to understand but quickly had to learn."

Called! Out! 

The post has since been deleted, and he even blamed his outburst on a "miscommunication." 

Olivia Culpo is Pretty

But the attack was enough to gain major headlines and obviously enough to spark a conversation on iHeartRadio's latest episode, where both Jana and her husband weighed in on the drama. 

Caussin, 32, isn't buying that excuse. "Miscommunication, my ass," he said. 

The NFL alum declared on Monday, April 29, "He said what he said. He was either drunk or just angry and typed away." 

"And here's the deal," he continued. "I don't understand. They've been on and off for a couple of years or whatever it is."

Olivia Culpo on Instagram

"I don't know their whole history but Olivia Culpo has clearly been a climber."

"Look at her dating history," Mike shared. "She's dated Tim Tebow. She's dated Ryan Lochte. She dated Nick Jonas. She dated Danny. Now she's talking to Zedd."

Kramer, 35, immediately realized her husband was being slightly insulting and backed up Culpo. Kind of. 

Olivia Culpo and Nick Jonas at Billboard Music Awards

"Are you saying she's famous for dating celebrities?" she asked. 

Mike added, "What else has she done?" 

Olivia, who won the title of Miss Universe in 2012 (so she's obviously gifted), has stayed quiet regarding her ex's backlash.

Olivia Culpo: 29Rooms Event

And while Danny makes it clear that Olivia obviously cares a lot about how she is viewed by the public eye, Jana admitted that they don't know their whole story until they hear her side. 

"Who knows because we don't have her side of the story, but I can see why you think she is a social climber," Jana explained. 

Mike chimed in, again, adding that these social media problems aren't just for celebrities, but that ordinary couples can face similar discussions. 

Mike Caussin and Jana Kramer in 2015

"I will say any relationship -- whether it's a public one like this or even a private one where there aren't celebrities -- there's some people that are like, 'Why aren't you posting about me? Why aren't you posting a picture on Facebook or social media?'"

"Regardless of celebrity or not, I've experienced and seen people like that where they want to be part of your life more or post more," Mike said. 

Jana and Mike open up a lot about their own relationship as much as they sound in on others. 

Mike Caussin and Jana Kramer Smile

Last month on the podcast they revealed that Mike had a "massive" relapse in his sex addiction about a year prior, with Jana saying her husband did "something he should not have done."

"We're just happy that someone didn't show up," she told her listeners. "I showed up at the hotel instead." 

The couple has been married since 2015 and shares two adorable children together: daughter Jolie, 3, and son Jace, 5 months. 

At Incredibles Premiere

Even though the two more times than not get criticized for their "offensive" conversations -- their true listeners love their raw and candid talks. 

At the end of the day -- this mom is just trying to have a glass of wine and vent. 

And can't we all relate to that?! 

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