Britney Spears: Free at Last!

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Despite some hysteria to the contrary, Britney Spears is doing just fine.

She made the brave choice to stay in a mental health facility to cope with her father's harrowing health battle.

Now, she's out.

Britney Spears in Portrait Mode

Us Weekly reports that Britney Spears checked out of the mental health facility on Thursday, April 25.

Her 30 days were up.

Hunky boyfriend Sam Asghari picked her up.

According to an eyewtiness, "She feels rejuvenated."

That may be a stretch, unless the eyewitness was a mind-reader, but we're willing to believe that.

Fans will be relieved that she's going home.

Britney Spears on Insta

Of course, some of Britney's fans weren't convinced that she was the one who had made the choice to commit herself.

The conspiracy theories by her stans got so bad that she had to take a break from her own mental health brake to give her fans some hand-holding.

"Hi guys," Britney said in an Instagram video. "Just checking in with all of you who are concerned about me."

"All is well," she assured them.

She explained that "my family has been going through a lot of stress and anxiety lately,"

Britney Spears Kisses Sam

Britney's father was grievously ill earlier this year and the whole family was a wreck about it.

"So," Britney continued. "I just needed time to deal."

"But don’t worry," she promised.

Britney vowed: "I’ll be back very soon."

And now she's out.

Britney Spears on a Tour

So what was the fuss about?

After a wild report claimed that Britney was being held against her will, fans took up the cry of Free Britney.

An anonymous paralegal who admitted to never having met Britney claimed that office gossip said that she'd been locked away against her will.

The story was that she'd gone off her meds during her father's health crisis, and so he'd supposedly ordered her locked away until she was back in her routine.

Reading these claims, it was easy to picture Britney as a damsel in distress, locked away in some tower.

We noted at the time that the claims were less than credible.

Britney Spears Looks Flawless

Britney's conservatorship has dragged on for 11 long years.

Real talk? None of us know all of the details at this point, but that conservatorship can probably go away.

But some of Britney's so-called fans on social media were treating her more like a meme or a conspiracy theory than an actual person.

It did not help that Britney's own mom was seen clicking "like" on some of the posts about her daughter.

But if people were to apply a little common sense, they would realize that Britney could free herself at any time if she so chooses.

Britney Spears at Home

Britney has done no shortage of meet-and-greets, not to mention appearing on stage.

And even if her social media is managed by a team who might censor her posts, she has a boyfriend.

Sam Asghari isn't under a conservatorship.

If Britney were being victimized, she could ask her boyfriend to use his social media to spread the word.

She could also just challenge the conservatorship in court -- and that's assuming that her dad isn't willing to listen.

In real life, her dad considered lifting the conservatorship last year, and could do so any time now.

If you really care about Britney, try to have a little faith in her. The last thing she needs is more public pressure right now.

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