Ashley Martson Admits Countless Lies: I Get Paid to Do That, People!!

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This week, 90 Day Fiance star Ashley Martson took to Instagram to reveal something startling ... but not very surprising.

Jay Smith cheated on her ... again. This time, she plans to file for divorce and not look back.

But fans are wondering if this cheating drama is another "lie" like she's told in the past. And Ashley's answer ... is a stunning admission.

Ashley Martson on 90 Day

Some 90 Day Fiance stars are happy to answer fan questions.

Just recently, Ashley's Happily Ever After? castmate Nicole Nafziger spilled on her sex life and more.

Sometimes, however, questions from "fans" can be downright nasty and confrontational.

"Why do you lie?" demanded one of Ashley's followers on Instagram.

Instead of ignoring the obvious hate, Ashley replied -- with some major sass.

Ashley Martson admits to lying on Instagram

So ... why does Ashley Martson allegedly lie?

"Because I get paid to!" Ashley replies.

"Ya'll are out here doing it for free," she very correctly points out.

Part of her job is to deceive fans and viewers.

To repurpose an old sexist saying: Why tune in to the cow's reality show if you're getting the milk on Instagram for free?

Jay Smith and Ashley Martson for 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?

"Either I tell the truth," Ashley posits. "And I'm a horrible person for spoiling the show."

And in breach of contract.

"Or," she continues. "I lie so you have some sort of surprise when the show airs."

Ashley laments that, ultimately, someone will always be pissed at her.

"It's a no-win scenario," she explains.

Ashley Martson reveals that Jay Smith cheated again

Some drama simply cannot be hidden for long, however.

On Monday, April 15, Ashley revealed to her followers that Jay had cheated on her.

Considering that he had downloaded Tinder and was video chatting with a girl and mkaing plans to meet up just days after their wedding ... not a shocker.

But that doesn't mean that Ashley deserved to be cheated on.

This time, she plans to divorce him. There's a real chance that Jay could end up back in Jamaica.

But this time, there's a twist.

Jay Smith and Ashley Martson in the Snow

See, when Jay cheated on Ashley ater their wedding, he never actually got the chance to lay any extramarital pipe.

That was only because he got caught -- he doesn't get any points for that.

But this time, it looks like his cheating was extremely physical.

And either he was doing a lot of cheating, or the odds were stacked, because the unconfirmed report is that Jay knocked up his side piece.

A woman claiming to be Jay's mistress is allegedly due with their child this fall, possibly in October.

Ashley Martson and Jay Smith Wear Matching Shirts

Keep in mind, of course, that anyone can claim anything on social media, especially if they want attention.

Plenty of people have watched 90 Day Fiance and fantasized about getting pregnant with Jay's baby.

In fact, right now, we cannot even confirm with absolute certainty that Jay cheated.

(Even a full on sex tape isn't always good enough; what we really need is for Jay to come right out and says: "I cheated! Whoops!")

All that we know right now is that Ashley has accused Jay of cheating in a very public manner.

Considering that Ashley has admitted to lying for the show, can even that be trusted?

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