The Real Housewives of New Jersey Recap: "Your Soul Is Black!"

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The feud between Margaret Josepths and Danielle Staub went into overdrive on Wednesday's The Real Housewives of New Jersey season finale. 

The pair have been at odds for some time now, and it's all thanks to Danielle's erratic behavior to get some screen time. 

Danielle Staub Attends RHONJ Reunion

The reunion was taped in the immediate aftermath of her split from Marty Caffrey, so there were some raw emotions. 

You may be surprised to know that Danielle was in a relationship with someone else and due to be married until just a few days ago, so there's that. 

Host, Andy Cohen pulled no punches, asking how long the marriage lasted. 

"Two months," Staub barked, adding that they were still living together, and Andy wondered why they could stay together given that they had restraining orders on each other. 

"But he did it on social media, which is even more disgusting," Danielle stressed, clearly trying to change the subject, but Margaret was ready to pounce. 

Margaret Josephs

"Both of you are all over social media, living out this messy divorce," Margaret yelled at her one-time friend.

Danielle said she "wasn't doing that," prompting Melissa Gorga to go for the jugular. 

"Didn't you just do an interview on TMZ?" Melissa asked, but Danielle said it was in response to "everything" that was about what Marty had done to her during their union. 

"I wanna take it out of the public eye," Danielle confirmed. We're not sure whether words were just coming out of her mouth with the aim of making herself sound better. 

She failed. 

"You put it on social media that you were selling your rings!" Margaret then said, prompting the other housewives to sit in disbelief. 

Melissa Gorga on a Red Carpet

The talk switched to the sham wedding, Margaret's actions during the nuptials, but Danielle confirmed what we all expected:

Mary's kids hate her. 

"I didn't talk about his kids like anything," Danielle claimed. "I made a reference to the fact that they did not like me."

"We have it on camera!" Margaret shouted. "You go, 'You raised that. You raised that.'"

Hell, even Melissa was definitely against Danielle because she was "blown away" that Marty actually chose a woman over his kids. 

"I never wanted him to take my side over his kids'," Danielle said. Margaret replied, "You did. You did."

Danielle Staub on Wendy Williams

"Did they have a brunch the next morning, and you told Marty, 'I'm not staying with those pieces of shit!'?" Margaret added. "That's what you said to me! That's exactly what you said! You've taken a 66-year-old man, and you've ruined his family!"

Danielle was not in the mood to admit her flaws, so she said Margaret was lying. 

"Danielle, no one believes you!" Margaret continued. "I mean, you put on a sham wedding to get on TV! Who would believe you?" Danielle was getting irate, so she told Margaret to stop speaking for everyone. 

"Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to speak for everybody else," Margaret said with a laugh.

"I'll just speak for the rest of America, who has now said, 'Danielle Staub went to marry Marty to get it on TV to make herself relevant.'"

Andy put Melissa on the spot shortly after. He wanted to know whether Melissa thought the wedding was a sham. 

Danielle Staub Smiles

"There's a part of me that felt like it was gonna make good TV. A wedding is great ratings. It just didn't feel right. I was like, 'Something's off,'" Melissa responded. 

And then there was Dolores Catania who has hated Danielle for quite some time. 

"Did I think the marriage was gonna work? No, I did not. She's f--king crazy," Dolores before calling Danielle a "whack-a-doo."

We then took a trip to the past to see just how Danielle and Margaret's relationship fizzled out. Surprise:

Danielle was to blame. 

Danielle was asked about the comments she made in Cabo about Margaret's children hating her. 

Danielle Staub in 2014

"I don't think I was going after her relationship with her children," said Danielle. "I was trying to make a point."

"I was saying your judgement to have an affair while you were married was a very poor thing for you to do," Danielle added.

"Oh, please! Pot calling the kettle black," Margaret shot back. "You were never with a married man?"

"Are you serious right now?!" Danielle hurled back.

"Do prostitutes never sleep with married men?" Margaret asked.

"Are you accusing Danielle of being a prostitute?" said a stunned Andy.

"Not right now," she replied.

"But wasn't she once before? She met her first husband -- her second husband -- when she was a stripper. And he was married! I love it. A video on PornHub is the moral compass of relationships with children. I love it!"

Danielle Staub in 2012

Danielle was pissed and called Margaret a "shitty person" for bringing up the sex tape. 

"You know what? You can change your face, you can change your address, you can change your clothes, but you haven't changed your soul," Margaret shouted.

"You can change your name, but you're still that Beverly inside. That's what I found out about you. You need to work on your soul. It's black!"

Was that the most explosive reunion or what?

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