Sara Romweber Dies; Let's Active Drummer Was 55

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Sara Romweber was a legendary drummer who played with Let’s Active, Snatches of Pink, and of course with the Dex Romweber Duo.

She has now died of a brain tumor.

The beloved musician was 55 years old.

Sara Romweber

Romweber has been well-known for years in North Carolina's thriving indie music scene.

But she also made her break into mainstream music recognition.

She was part of the '80s-era trio Let's Active, which was led by early R.E.M. coproducer Mitch Easter.

That power-pop group enjoyed a great deal of success on college radio charts.

The trio opened for R.E.M. and other acts.

Romweber specifically played on Afoot, Let's Active's 1983 debut EP and Cypress, their 1984 album.

Sara Romweber 02

Let's Active received critical praise, but only limited commercial success.

The trio's 1984 song, "Every Word Means No," has been described by Billboard as a "quintessential gem" of the time period.

Not every band manages to produce a song that endures through the ages as representative of the era.

In particular, Let's Active was praised for its hooks and cleverly skewed lyrics.

Mitch Easter stated that he would write songs and hand them off to Romweber, who would figure out how to make them work musically.

Sara Romweber 01

Romweber's musical legacy was not limited to Let's Active, however.

She joined he Winston-Salem area group, Snatches of Pink, which is a hell of a band name.

More recently, she teamed up with her younger brother, Dexter.

Together, they formed the Dex Romweber Duo.

From 2009 to 2014, they released four albums.

That included collaborating with Jack White on a single, “The Wind Did Move."

Sara Romweber 03

American musician and label owner Ralph Lee "Mac" McCaughan took to Instagram to eulogize Romweber.

"Sara Romweber was one of the kindest, most unique, & inspiring people i've known & she passed away yesterday," he begins.

"She was so important to me that i wrote a paper about her my freshman year in college," he shares.

He continues: "The Romweber home on Pine St in Carrboro was open to everyone & the heart of a musical community."

Mac notes that "you can see some of this in the episode of 'IRS The Cutting Edge' if it's on anywhere."

Mac's post continues as he praises her brilliance as a drummer.

"A fantastically powerful and creative drummer," he describes her.

Mac expresses: "watching her play was a joy no matter what band."

"And," he says. "I'll be listening to these masterpieces this morning."

He concludes that he will be "thinking about Sara and her family."

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