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Sadly, in 2019, just about all of us have some experience with being insulted by a stranger online.

Of course, public figures are more visible, and thus, they receive even more abuse on social media than the rest of us.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, Hand in Hand

And sadly, there are certain celebrities who get singled out for the kind of treatment that crosses the line between bullying and harassment.

Meghan Markle is one of those celebrities.

In the months since she married Prince Harry, the Duchess of Sussex has become the focus of a targeted online harassment campaign.

Meghan Markle: So Preggers!

In recent weeks, the racist attacks on Meghan have become so severe that palace officials have been forced to investigate.

Fortunately, Meghan entirely steers clear of the racist cesspool that is Twitter, so at least she’s not personally exposed to the bigotry and bitterness.

The duchess reminded us all of the importance of being selective about your media consumption when she participated in a panel discussion for International Women’s Day at King’s College in London.

Meghan Markle NYC

“My personal decision is to not to feed into negativity and be more cause-driven, action-based,” Meghan said.

“For me it’s a tricky one, because I’m not part of any of that. I don’t look at it. Sorry, no. For me that is my personal preference. But I do read The Economist.“

The panel was hosted by Anne McElvoy, senior editor for The Economist, so Meghan wasn’t just boasting about her high-minded reading material.

Meghan Markle in Morocco

Meghan added that she seeks out “journalism that’s really covering things that are going to make an impact, which we talked about backstage. We were talking about Tanzania and the article The Economist just did.

"Things like that, that are really talking about how the role of women is really shifting and changing," Meghan added.

"That’s key. Focus your energy there and not on the stuff that is perhaps muddling you.”

Meghan Markle: Bumpin!

So the good news is, Meghan isn’t personally exposed to the daily tidal wave of online hate targeted at her.

The bad news is, it’s still going on — and it’s very dangerous.

“The Royal Family is forced to be monitoring their social media feeds 24/7 because of all of the racist hate that Meghan has been receiving," says a source close to the situation.

Meghan Markle Happy

"It has become a great problem."

It’s important to remember that each of us can play a role in correcting this insidious problem.

And by refusing to go down certain online rabbit holes, we can become less "muddled" ourselves.