Matt Roloff Celebrates Girlfriend Caryn Chandler's Birthday in Sweet Post

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Fans are so hyped now that the Season 14 trailer for Little People, Big World has finally dropped.

Not long after the teaser, Matt Roloff took to social media to give a birthday shoutout to girlfriend Caryn Chandler.

In the same post, he made a major production announcement about his family's show.

Matt Roloff Celebrates Birthday of Caryn Chandler, 2019

Matt Roloff shared this precious group photo on Instagram.

"Love all these people!!" Matt captions the image.

As if there had been any doubt!

He then wishes "A very very happy birthday to my sweet girlfriend Caryn. …"

Despite the relationship's controversy among some so-called fans, Caryn is a central part of his life and has been for years.

Matt Roloff Loves Being a Grandfather

In the same caption, Matt also delivered a major produciton update for viewers of the family's show.

"Today we wrapped filming the season of LPBW …" Matt shares.

(Note: sometimes, people of older generations uses elipses to create a pause in their words, even though it can read as hostility or frustration to younger folks on social media)

Matt then announces: "tomorrow it’s off to Arizona for a few weeks!"

Gosh, he and Caryn sure do love vacationing in Arizona.

So much so that they purchased a house together -- from Caryn's own parents.

Caryn Chandler with Jackson Roloff and Matt Roloff in Portland

The photo was very popular among fans.

"Love this family picture," one followers writes. "Jackson and Ember are growing so fast.”

They really are! 

“You have a beautiful family," raves another commenter. "I just love you all."

"Tell Caryn Happy Birthday!!" that same fan continues. "Enjoy your time in [Arizona]."

We are sure that they will.

In Arizona

That production note, that they have wrapped filming, is amazing news for the Roloffs.

It's also great news for fans, who are more than eager.

The latest trailer teased a great deal, including Matt and Caryn directly addressing the idea of becoming engaged and, eventually, married.

Some viewers of the show believe that Caryn is merely after fame or Matt's money, but that is unfair.

Just watching them together makes their mutual love very clear.

Caryn Chandler Snuggles with Matt

The trailer teased more than just romance, however.

It looks like moving on with his life with Caryn may mean that Matt leaves farm life behind.

The problem is that Amy isn't sure that she wants to part with her stake in the property.

Part of that is that she's business-savvy and suspects that Matt knows something that she does not.

But part of it is just that, well, she knows that a buyout could mean that she never sees Roloff Farms again.

Amy tends to be cautious and to consider things, while Matt can be impulsive or event impatient.

Their clash is going to make for some interesting television.

Amy Roloff and Chris Marek in Costa Rica

Of course, the trailer also reminds viewers of Amy's romance with boyfriend Chris Marek.

They've been dating for years and their love is palpable.

The same fans who disparage Caryn Chandler tend to also take aim at Chris.

Some of them simply want to see Amy and Matt get back together.

Some are much worse -- and seem to carry and underlying belief that any person of average height dating a little person must have an agenda.

Whatever happened to two people falling in love?

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