Kylie Jenner to Jordyn Woods: Let's Work It Out, Girl!

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Boy, the Kardashian family sure has been on a roller coaster ride lately, huh?

This makes all the Kanye stuff with Trump seem like ... well, no, never mind, that was still awful.

Khloe Kardashian Looks Like Kylie Jenner

Still, this whole mess with Tristan Thompson definitely hasn't been great.

Honestly, Tristan hasn't been doing the family any favors since he first came around a couple of years ago, what with the whole thing about him having an ex pregnant with his child when he got with Khloe.

Lots of people thought that something shady happened there, that there was some overlap and that Khloe was basically a homewrecker.

When she got pregnant, there was some speculation that Tristan would do the same thing to her that he did with his ex.

Tristan Thompson Makes a Face

And did he ever.

He didn't leave Khloe for another woman, but he definitely saw other women at least twice during her pregnancy.

She decided to stay with him and try to make things work, and that lasted for nearly a year.

Then reports started coming out about how Tristan had hooked up with Jordyn Woods, Kylie's best friend, and Khloe had finally had enough.

Khloe and Tristan's Thanksgiving

There's some confusion about what actually happened between Tristan and Jordyn -- some say they were "all over each other" at a party, and others have said that they've actually been sneaking around together for a while now.

Jordyn herself has insisted that he simply kissed her on the lips and that was all.

Whatever happened, it was enough for Khloe to finally kick Tristan to the curb, and good for her.

But is no one thinking about Kylie during this difficult time?!

Kylie Jenner With Rose Gold Hair Tips

She and Jordyn have been friends for years, and they were so close that Jordyn lived in her house.

She's since moved out, and recent reports have claimed that Kylie is taking it pretty hard.

According to one, this has been "much more difficult" on Kylie because "she has basically lose part of her world."

"She is very, very upset. She always trusted Jordyn with everything."

Jordyn Woods and Kylie Jenner Look Great

"Kylie just can't make sense of what happened," the report continued. "She still has so many questions for Jordyn."

"Who knows when Kylie will get over this."

Thankfully, it seems like she's working towards that now.

According to a source who spoke with People, "Their friendship is not 100% over."

Jordyn Woods With Kylie Jenner

"Although she doesn't live at Kylie's Jordyn still has things there."

"She and Kylie aren't socializing," the source explained, " but are in contact. They are texting each other."

And while that's a step in the right direction, "It's still a tricky situation for Kylie."

"And no one is actually putting too much pressure on her. Her family is aware that she is in contact with Jordyn."

Jordyn Woods, Kylie Jenner, and Stormi Webster

"They are letting Kylie figure things out for herself," the source concludes.

It definitely is a tricky situation, and really things could play out either way.

It would make sense if Kylie couldn't get past this, because it is a super weird situation and the Kardashian-Jenner sisters are known for being very tight.

But it would also make sense if they talked everything out and dedicated some time and effort to rebuild their friendship, because they have been so close for so long.

You also have to consider that Kylie is going through some relationship drama of her own with Travis Scott, so it would probably be nice for her to have the support of her friend.

Whatever happens, we can all agree that Tristan is just absolute trash, right?

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