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Forbes is bowing down and acknowledging that Kylie Jenner is the youngest self-made billionaire.

But having gained so much means that Kylie is very aware that she has a lot to lose.

That’s why, a report shares, she’s mulling over making Travis sign an ironclad prenup before she’ll even consider marrying him.

Travis with Kylie
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HiollywoodLife reports that Kylie Jenner has a case of cold feet when it comes to making things official with baby daddy Travis Scott.

"Kylie is apprehensive of getting engaged or married to Travis," an insider cautions.

To be clear, she absolutely still loves him.

That’s not the problem.

"But," the source explains. "Now that she is a billionaire, she would want him to sign the biggest prenup ever."

The insider adds that Kylie would feel the need to do so "to protect all her assets."

Kylie with Travis
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Recent family events and reports that Kylie found evidence that Travis cheated, Kylie is unsure of her destiny.

"Kylie is having doubts as to whether or not she will marry Travis," the source notes.

"She loves him," the insider affirms. "And wants to trust him completely."

Wanting and doing are not the same thing.

The source continues: "but she just is not entirely sure."

Kylie Jenner-Travis Scott Engagement Pic
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"She thinks she will feel better about things when his tour is over," the insider reports.

The source continues: "And they can spend every day together again as a family."

It’s easy for doubts and insecurities to build up in a loved one’s absence.

"Until then," the insider says. "She worries about what he is up to on the road."

"And," the souce adds. "Doesn’t know if getting engaged right now is the right thing to do."

Travis and Kylie at 2019 Grammys
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Apparently, Kylie has a plan to keep calm even while Travis is far from her sight.

The report says that Kylie has asked some "reliable tour workers" to keep an eye on Travis.

In general, we’d recommend against being with someone on whom you feel the need to spy.

But maybe this is a one-time thing. Maybe she just needs a little reassurance at the moment.

Yeah, we imagine that Kylie doesn’t want to be embarrassed by anything that Travis does on tour.

Travis Scott GIF
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But the report notes that Kylie has misgivings about the idea of a prenup, even if she trusts Travis.

If protecting her fortune is "on her mind over love, then she would refrain from making things between her and Travis even more official."

Now … this report is unconfirmed, and largely describes Kylie’s thoughts.

We have a suspicion that this was brought on by the report that Kylie’s officially a billionaire.

The more a person has to lose, the more people are interested in what risks they will and won’t take for love.

Look Up, Travis!
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A couple of things.

One, we don’t actually know that Travis Scott cheated. He says that the story is bogus.

But we’re inclined to believe that, at the very least, TMZ genuinely believes that their report is true.

Two, Millennials are notably bringing back prenups even when they’re not especially rich.

(Yes, Kylie is a Millennial and not Gen Z, she was born in the ’90s which is considered a "gray area" but that’s silly)

Decked Out in Black
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The reality of the situation with prenups is that everyone actually has a prenup — it’s just whatever the laws are in the state where you got married.

You should always read up on those. If the division of assets or other details don’t look right, come up with your own.

(And make sure that everyone involved has their own attorney)

Whether Kylie "trusts" Travis shouldn’t be an issue — a fair prenup is always a good idea.

And that’s if she and Travis get married. And there’s zero obligation for them to do so.