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It looks like Khloe Kardashian has finally realized that Tristan Thompson never deserved her.

But she’s also realized something more important: he doesn’t deserve True, either.

A new report says that Khloe is planning to keep full kustody of baby True — and that Tristan doesn’t seem to care.

Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson on Halloween
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HollywoodLife reports that, in light of many recent events, Khloe Kardashian wants to keep full custody of baby True.

"Khloe has no plans to take True to see Tristan right now," an insider reveals.

It may sound like she’s being petty, but it sounds like she has a reason.

And it doesn’t sound like Tristan is going to be any more bothered about this than he was about any of his cheating scandals.

"When Tristan was in LA last in February during his All-Star break," the source said. "Khloe begged him to see True."

"And," the insider laments. "He showed no interest then."

True Thompson, Too Cute for Words
Photo via Instagram

Since it’s clearly not a priority for him, Khloe isn’t going to try to force the issue.

"So," the source says. "She has no plans to go out of her way to bring True to see Tristan anytime soon."

True will be one year old in a month. She’s probably old enough to notice when someone from her life goes missing.

But it sounds like Khloe doesn’t want True getting any more attached than she already is.

"Tristan also hasn’t asked to see True," the insider shares.

That’s so rough, and the source adds: "and Khloe feels so sad for True because of this."

Cuddle for Khloe
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According to the insider: "She really wishes Tristan would step it up, physically."

Meaning that she wants him to literally be present in True’s life. That’s not an unreasonable request.

But if Tristan ever changes his tune and it comes to a custody battle, Khloe expects to win handily.

"Given Tristan’s lack of interest in seeing True," the source says. "Khloe is not worried at all that she’ll have full custody of True."

"Which is of course what she wantsm" the insider adds.

"Tristan also travels a ton," the report mentions. "Which Khloe feels is not in True’s best interest."

True Thompson in Pastels
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Of course, a previous report by HollywoodLife clearly came from a source much more sympathetic to Tristan’s perspective.

Or, at least, from someone who wants to help him save face despite himself.

"Tristan loves True and has every intention of being a good father, and co-parent with Khloe," that source claimed. "But it’s challenging."

"He has been busy working," the insider alleged.

"Tristan appreciates Khloe can give True or more stable home, close to family," the source acknowledged.

"So," the insider explained. "He is fine with her having custody of their baby."

Yeah. We’re sure he put a lot of thought and soul-searching into that.

Khloe and Tristan's Thanksgiving
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Is this uncomfirmed report true? We don’t know.

The claim that Tristan hasn’t shown any real interest in seeing True sounds consistent with many other reports.

On the one hand, it would be surprising to hear that Khloe isn’t in denial about Tristan’s disinterest in fatherhood.

On the other hand … everybody’s growing and learning every day. Even the Kardashians.

Maybe Khloe has grown much wiser over the past eleven months.

True with Some Purses
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If you’re just dating or simply married, taking back a cheater is a purely personal choice.

When you have a child together and you take them back, you’re risking that your own heartbreak will impact your child down the road.

Khloe may have felt that being a single parent to True would make her grow up with "daddy issues."

In reality, True just needs a lot of love and support.

With that, she’ll never miss what she never had in the first place, you know?

It will be interesting to see if Tristan starts showing an interest in fatherhood when his sports career dies down.

That will probably be too little, too late.