Grey's Anatomy Recap: Did Amelia and Link Hook Up?!

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Thursday's Grey's Anatomy turned up the heat for one romance, and then it all went up in flames in a matter of scenes. 

Newly single Amelia went to a conference with Link, and they immediately hit it off. 

They were flirting away, and it was only a matter of time before they got between the sheets. 

Amelia and Link Get Closer

Link gave his presentation about a patient of his who passed away in a car accident. The patient was under the influence of opioids that Link prescribed him. 

He went on to say that he would have made the same decision again, but it was a difficult nudge for Amelia. 

If you watch Grey's Anatomy online, you know that she has been off drugs for several years now, and she felt like Link made a mistake. 

It didn't help matters that he would do it again, so Amelia made her way out of the presentation. 

Link tried to salvage whatever was brewing between them, but Amelia said that Link failed his patient and that's why she was mad. 

Ameilia On Grey's Anatomy

Link felt like he could have done things differently, and decided he wanted to change the system because of it. 

He even said that Amelia could help him, so it did give them a reason to be closer.

“Sorry, I’ve been in a weird place these days,” Amelia admitted.

“We’re both weird,” Link said with a grin. And just like that, all was good again in the land of this new 'ship.

There was even some kissing!

Elsewhere, Jo's quest for the truth about her past heated up. Given that she and Alex were planning on having a huge family, she wanted to learn the truth about her origins. 

Camilla Luddington for ABC

After a DNA test, she learned that a cousin was alive, and started to wonder whether it would be a good idea to meet. 

Jo wondered whether to speak to Maggie because she got to meet Meredith, but then there was Jackson who said that he had regrets after reconnecting with his father. 

That threw her for a loop. 

After some back and forth, Jo decided enough was enough and that it was time for her to meet her family. 

Then there was DeLuca who was working with his father on the new procedure that could help save preterm babies. 

Vincenzo continued to be hot and cold with just about everyone, and it made Carina wonder what her father's undisclosed condition was. 

Deluca on Grey's Anatomy

Her best guess was that it was bipolar. Her concern was that he ruined the whole experiment and her brother's reputation was destroyed. 

Vincenzo went forward and offered to use the procedure on one of Teddy's patients. The only issue with that was that it had not been approved for human use. 

DeLuca decided it was time to confront his father about the loose lips and the night he apparently killed four people because he couldn't work correctly. 

Vincenzo flipped out when Alex ended the experiment, claiming him, DeLuca and Carina killed a baby. 


Grey's Anatomy continues Thursdays on ABC. 


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