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Kim Zolciak has never been shy about her cosmetic procedures, and her daughters are following in her footsteps.

In fact, Brielle claims that she was downright hideous before lip fillers. That’s alarming.

Now, she’s joking about scoring a three-for-one deal at the plastic surgeon’s with her mother and her sister. Have they gone too far?

Brielle Biermann, Ariana Biermann, and Kim Zolciak: Three for One
Photo via Instagram

Brielle Biermann shared this snap of herself, her 17-year-old sister Ariana, and of course their mother, Kim.

"We went to the plastic surgeon and asked for the 3 for 1 special," Brielle captions the photo.

While she is clearly just joking, the three women look so eerily similar.

This transcends genetics. They style themselves the same way.

And, up to a point, they they’ve had some of the same procedures.

Case in point, check out this ohter photo, which Brielle captioned: "The three muska bitches."

Brielle Biermann, Kim Zolciak, and Ariana Biermann Look Alike
Photo via Instagram

Responding to Brielle’s three-for-one special quip, one commenter writes: "Yeah…..we can see that.”

“It shows," comments another. "You were so pretty before. Why."

"It’s usually a compliment to look at a photo and have to guess which one is the mom," notes another hater. "This time, it’s an insult."

"You should have asked for a refund," another harshly writes.

"As a mom, and a woman.. This bothers me. Why? You are all naturally lovely. That isn’t up for debate," comments another.

That worried mom continues: The issue is you all have had some work done, and who cares? It’s your life to lead."

"But when you deny this," she concludes. "It makes young girls feel like they will somehow blossom into these unattainable expectations."

Brielle Biermann and Kim Zolciak, Twinning
Photo via Instagram

In case there was any doubt, yes, Brielle was just being tongue-in-cheek.

In the comments under her photo, she confirmed that the "3 for 1" joke was just a joke.

Apparently her followers should expect that sort of thing from the "sarcastic QUEEN," a new label that Brielle has taken for herself.

When someone else asked for her surgeon’s name, Brielle hit back.

She wrote: "@God maybe u can DM."

Clearly, her implication is that she was born with her beauty and looks, and no surgeon can bestow them.

Kim Zolciak and Ariana Biermann
Photo via Instagram

To her credit, Kim has always been very direct about her cosmetic procedures.

Brielle has been defensive about the comparatively minor amount of work that she’s had done.

Earlier this month, she spoke to HollywoodLife about the hate that she receives for getting things like lip fillers.

"If I want to redo my whole body," Brielle says. "Which one day I probably will."

She continues: "and my whole face and everything, it should not affect you!"

Zolciak Biermann Family, December 2016
Photo via Instagram

Brielle is right.

What she does to her body, even if it detracts from her looks, is her business.

We’re only decades away from an era in which it’s the norm to design our own bodies. Transhumanism is coming.

In the mean time, we should remember that other people’s appearances aren’t our business.

That’s the case if they’re overweight, underweight, pretty, or ugly.

Let people just exist.

Ariana Biermann Weight Loss
Photo via Instagram

Maybe Brielle’s fans (and Ariana’s, att his point) are just trying to warn her that, if she’s trying to look hotter, her more natural look was more successful.

But … she definitely sees photos of herself.

We’re also reasonably confident that the Zolciak-Biermann household has mirror technology.

Brielle knows what she looks like, and how closely she resembles her mother.

The Biermanns aren’t the only famous family where everyone seems to slowly morph into each other.

Our only real mystery is how all of these lookalike celebrity families manage to avoid having the one goth kid.