Bachelor In Paradise: See Who's Heading To The Beach From Colton's Season!

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Turn up the steel drums and pass the tanning lotion, it's almost time for Bachelor In Paradise

Ok, well we have many more months until the spinoff airs this summer on ABC, but we do have some major clues as to who will most likely be invited to the exclusive beach.

And spoiler alert, E! News tells us to expect a lot of women from Colton Underwood's season at the swim-up bar.

Colton Underwood Shirtless

After last night's bi-annual Women Tell All special, where the young girls unofficially audition in front of host Christ Harrison, we observed some drama that we think will fit perfectly under a cabana. 

"I'd be fine if all 20 of those girls that were there showed up," Chris told E! after last night's taping.

But luckily only a select few will make the cut. 

Catherine Agro Photo

"I will say this, and it's not disparaging toward any of the other girls, I just think this was a really good group, a really dynamic group," he continued. 

"I thought they were powerful women, vulnerable, independent, yeah, there were some fights and all that, but overall, I think it was a top-notch group of women, which is what made it so good."

That's a big statement considering the man has hosted close to 40 seasons of the franchise, not even including Bachelor in Paradise.

Chris Harrison on ABC

But these women definitely know how to deliver high-quality entertainment. If Courtney shoving a pacifier in Demi's mouth wasn't enough for you, then I don't know what is. 

Colton's exes are clearly ready for another shot at love, including fan favorites Caelynn and Kirpa. 

But you may find it surprising that not everyone is wishing to book a ticket to Mexico, despite being Chris Harrison's #1 draft pick and "spirit animal". 

Demi Burnett on Instagram

"If you'd ever put a tattoo of Paradise on someone, I think Demi is wearing that tattoo," he told E!.

"She's my spirit animal and I need her in Paradise. Have you ever met anybody more perfect for Paradise?" 

Of course, we haven't. But the only problem is the 23-year-old breakout contestant thanks to her hilarious one-liners and aggressive attitude isn't sure she wants to ride that wave.

Hannah Brown, Colton Underwood, and Demi Burnett as Pirates

"Every day it kind of changes... we'll see," she said when asked if she'd be interested.

But honestly, we would be very surprised if she turned down the offer. 

Although she does confirm she has no desire to meet up with any of the former Bachelor Nation men.

Demi Burnett Poses

Saying, "Oh no, I'd definitely want an all-new batch. There's no one I want to see them bring back."

Sounds like someone is holding out for a chance to be the next bachelorette?

Demi does admit, however, that other former Bachelorette contestants have had their eyes on her, as she revealed several guys have tried to slide into her DMs. 

"But I'm not gonna call 'em out. I haven't responded!" she stated.

Hannah B.

Hannah B, who is Demi's co-star bestie, is also in the running for a seat at the beach. 

Although she is one of the strongest contenders to be the next Bachelorette, she tells E! she's ready to unleash the best down in Mecixo. 

"My person's out there, and I might see them with roses on a beach or it might just be in a coffee shop," the 24-year-old pageant queen spilled.

"I'm open to wherever they are, and Lord bless 'em, they gotta deal with the beast and the mess and everything!"


She too made it clear that there are "Nooo" past contestants she'd want to see down in Paradise

Caelyn is another solid contender in the running for the next Bachelorette, though she is still dealing with her heartbreak after her and Colton's breakup following hometowns, where she boldly confessed her love for the former football hottie.


But, the Miss USA 2018 runner up is still ready for love. "I want to find my person," she shares.

Caelynn Miller-Keyes Pic

"I don't know if that means, if that's Paradise, if it's Tinder, if that's in a library...I'm determined to find my person."

But we think she would have a much better time finding her person with a margarita in hand as opposed to a book. 

Sydney, who made her own decision to leave the show, is another possible cast member for the sixth season of Paradise.

And unlike the other girls, she does admit she has a crush and likes "Blake [Horstmann] a lot!" 


Heather may also be welcomed to BIP where she will have a shot at her second kiss! Fingers crossed for that one.

She also admits to having a crush on Blake. Get in line, ladies. 

Onyeka "The Bully" and Kirpa "The Dental Hygienist Who Mysteriously Had A Chin Injury" also are (probably) going to pay a visit to the island of love. 

Oh, and remember Brie? The girl who pretended she was an Aussie with an Australian accent?

Kendall Gives Leo a Squeeze

Yeah, she says she would "love to go!" and openly declared her love for past contestant Dean Unglert who first appeared on Rachel Lindsey's season.

It's no doubt, with all of these women in mind, it will be "the most dramatic season in Bachelor in Paradise history," as we're predicting the future words of Chris Harrison.

Bring on the heat. 

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