Vicki Gunvalson is a Holy Terror on Set After Demotion Drama

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In order to avoid or a demotion or outright firing, Vicki Gunvalson took a massive paycut to remain a Real Housewife.

Despite having missed the first two weeks of filming, she's back on the set and in front of the cameras.

And she's apparently making everyone's lives a living hell.

Vicki Gunvalson Waves a Knife

RadarOnline reports that Vicki Gunvalson is back with a vengeance.

Their insider characterizes her as being a "complete nightmare" to her castmates.

At least, whenever the cameras are rolling.

"Vicki has been a total pain in the a--," the source shares.

The insider specifies that this behavior has arisen "during the first few filming sessions that she has been back on set."

Vicki Gunvalson at the 2018 Reunion Special

"She is throwing temper tantrums and starting fights," the source reveals.

And there may be a method to her madness.

The insider explains that Vicki is doing this "because she is terrified of getting booted from the show."

"She knows that she has to bring the drama," the source reasons.

"And," the insider assesses. "She’s been doing just that."

Lots of Real Housewives

Vicki is in a complicated and uncertain place right now.

See, it had been reported that she had been demoted.

As you can imagine, Kelly Dodd was all too happy to dance on the grave of Vicki's career, even before it was confirmed.

It was never confirmed. Instead, two weeks after everyone else resumed filming, Vicki finished her negotiations and got back in front of the cameras.

She convinced them to keep her on ... but she herself doesn't know if she's still a Full Housewife.

After everything, if Vicki doesn't demonstrate a strong enough storyline, she could end up just a Friend of the Housewives.

And it will take more filming before Vicki knows for sure.

Vicki Gunvalson Goes On The Offensive

Some of the cast and crew are frustrated with Vicki's antics.

"They are all non-organic fights," the source characterizes.

"And she is taking each one to a whole new level," the insider adds.

According to the source, "It is so obvious to everyone what she is trying to do."

That said, who among the Housewives has not done the same thing?

Vicki Gunvalson, Shannon Beador, and Tamra Judge at Andy Cohen's Baby Shower

As previously reported, Vicki is planning more than just nonstop ridiculous behavior to secure her place on the show.

Apparently, what got Bravo's attention and persuaded them to give her another chance was the promise of romance milestones.

Vicki's boyfriend, Steve Lodge, is expected to propose to her during this season.

That's a huge step when it's arguably a stunt for reality television.

And it will be magnified as reports say that Vicki has promised the producers a Real Housewives wedding.

"She plans to whoop it up like never before," a previous source shared.

Vicki Flips Her S--t

Is Vicki Gunvalson doing too much?

Some of her fellow Housewives believe so.

The suspicion is that perhaps she should have followed in NeNe Leakes' footsteps.

At one point, producers tried to demote her, so she just walked out -- and ratings bombed.

When NeNe returned, she received a massive pay boost.

But maybe Vicki isn't willing to gamble that this will happen. She'd rather grovel now than leave the franchise for good.

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