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Khloe Kardashian dumped Tristan Thompson after his secret affair with Jordyn Woods stopped being a secret.

Now that he’s no longer "tied down," he apparently feels free to tell all about Khloe and their relationship.

After everything that he’s done, is Tristan really going to slam Khloe like this?

Tristan Thompson in Shades
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Tristan Thompson’s first response to claims that he was caught hooking up with Jordyn Woods was to tweet that it was "fake news."

Obviously, that didn’t work — and he’s been pretty quiet since then.

RadarOnline reports that Tristan doesn’t plan to stay silent.

In fact, he apparently wants to get a lot off of his chest about his now-broken relationship.

"He’s kept a dignified silence this whole time," the insider characterizes.

"But," the source continues, Tristan "doesn’t see a reason to do that any longer."

Tristan Thompson and Khloe Kardashian, Face-Licking Photo
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"If Khloe wants to trash-talk him," the insider says. "Then he’ll hit right back."

One wonders what negative things Tristan could possibly say about her.

Especially since he was apparently cheating on her at each and every opportunity.

"But," the source notes. "If she keeps things civil he’ll play nice."

"And," the insider adds, Tristan will "talk about the positive aspects of their relationship."

Cuddle for Khloe
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Again, we wonder what possible moral high ground Tristan could believe that he has.

Regardless, though, he’s not under a gag order and he’s not planning to act like it.

"But he’s damned if he’s staying quiet, that’s for sure," the source concludes.

Whether Tristan praises Khloe or tries to drag her name through the mud, we’ll say this much:

It could make for some very interesting reading.

Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Go Away
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The Kardashians tend to cultivate relationships with people whom they trust.

It’s a rare treat to hear someone willing to tell all about their encounters with the famous family.

That said, we won’t hold our breath for Tristan to actually throw anyone under the bus.

First of all, this report — enthralling though it may be — is unconfirmed.

Second of all, Khloe is True’s mom.

Tristan probably doesn’t want to pick any battles with her (or worse, with Kris).

New Cavs Photo
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As we have mentioned before, Tristan Thompson is a young, attractive athlete.

He could absolutely find a girlfriend or wife who is happy to look the other way when he has hookups and threeways.

Plenty of people have open relationships or open marriages. Some even have one-sidedly open romances.

But that is not Khloe. She wanted a loyal, monogamous boyfriend. And that’s not what she got.

We hope that Tristan would consider the damage that he has already done before he considers lashing out in an interview.

Tristan Thompson Sweating
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Tristan didn’t just screw things up with Khloe.

True is nearly a year old. That is old enough to notice when things change between adults.

Tristan also played homewrecker because his (latest) affair was with Kylie’s BFF, Jordyn Woods.

Now Jordyn is cut off from people she’s considered family for years. She had to move out of Kylie’s guest house.

Tristan could have at least had the courtesy to not bang Khloe’s sister’s bestie.

We’re not saying that Jordyn is blameless in this — but we will say that some would argue that Jordyn did Khloe a favor.

Who knows how long Khloe would have stuck with Tristan if this hadn’t gone down, you know?