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The Walking Dead returned to the air Sunday night, and it was an hour that was filled with twists and a whole lot of zombie goodness. 

A lot was left up in the air after the shock death of Jesus at the hands of The Whisperers, but one of the more pressing questions surrounded what became of Negan. 

Daryl Dixon Kills Again
Photo via Jackson Lee Davis/AMC

The supervillain managed to escape from his jail cell in Alexandria thanks to someone leaving it unlocked. 

Judith was shocked to see him scaling the wall to escape but realized that she was best to leave him to his own devices. 

She thought he would return in the end, but did that ring true?

This is the man who murdered a bunch of our heroes, so it’s difficult to imagine redemption being on the cards for him. 

Stranger things have happened on this show. 

Negan did return to the Sanctuary, but there was little to see. The place he once yelled orders from afar was a ghost town. 

Negan Escapes
Photo via Jackson Lee Davis/AMC

His world as he knew it was over. In a shocking turn of events, he returned to Alexandria. 

Everyone needs to keep an eye on him at this stage because he’s probably looking for the time to strike. 

When he does, it will spell doom for a bunch of characters. Hell, maybe he’ll be able to help out with The Whisperers. 

The Hilltop, meanwhile, started off the hour wondering what happened to the search party. 

Yeah, the same search party that was ambushed by The Whisperers. Jist as Luke and Alden launched another search party to investigate, the OG team returned … with a body. 

The Whisperers Arrive - The Walking Dead
Photo via AMC

Jesus was definitely dead, so there’s no chance of him popping back up down the line. The only good news here is that they brought one of The Whisperers back with them. 

The woman did not want to reveal too much, and that was too be expected from someone who is part of the new band of villains. 

As such, bringing her back was a big waste of time because it’s only going to make the rest of her crew want to find her before she dies. 

With The Whisperers hiding in plain sight as zombies, it’s certainly difficult to find them. 

Away from the Hilltop, Alden and Luke found themselves in a bit of a pickle. 

They walk straight into a group of the new villains before a woman appears in her full zombie get up. 

“Trail ends here,” she says. 


Christian Serratos as Rosita
Photo via AMC

In another big twist, Rosita revealed she was carrying Siddiq’s child, and Eugene is going to be super pissed. 

What are your thoughts on the episode?

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The Walking Dead airs Sundays on AMC.