Khloe Kardashian: Will She Really Be the Next Bachelorette?

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It's only been about a week since Khloe Kardashian finally dumped her cheating baby daddy, and people are wondering what's next.

The showrunner behind the The Bachelor franchise has been dropping major hints that he's trying to woo Khloe to find love on one of his shows.

Will she be the next Bachelorette? Read Khloe's thoughts for yourself.

Khloe Kardashian Facepalm Pic

Khloe is still reeling from Tristan's latest cheating scandal and adjusting to life as a single mom.

But in the world of reality television, things always keep moving -- especially when you're a Kardashian.

Mike Fleiss is a writer and producer whose biggest claim to fame is that he's the man behind The Bachelor and The Bachelorette.

And he has opened up on Twitter about offering Khloe a role as a leading lady.

"I have already been in contact with my dear friend @KrisJenner about @khloekardashian as #TheBachelorette," he tweeted. "Stay tuned!!!"

Again, he tweeted: "@khloekardashian is very much in contention... Stay tuned!"

Kim K says it's all fake news

A lot of people took an immediate interest in the idea of watching Khloe fall in love on reality television.

Can you imagine how many guys would sign up for that?

But sister Kim fired off at headlines suggesting that Khloe was open to the idea.

"Fake f--king news big time!!!" Kim insisted, quote-tweeting one such headline.

"How would Kim Kardashian know???" Fleiss countered. "This is between me and [Kris Jenner] -- and most importantly [Khloe Kardashian]!!!"

"Oh really?????" Kim replied. "Wait a minute...."

Kim, Kris, Khloe group text about the bachelorette

Kim shared a screenshot of a group conversation that she had with momager Kris Jenner and with her sister Khloe.

In it, she asks if Fleiss' claims about being in talks with the two of them are true.

"No. lol," Kris replies.

"Ewwww," Khloe exclaims. "I mean put some [respect] on my name."

Mike Fleiss, however, says that none of this can be trusted.

"FYI... We have strict confidentiality agreements with all #TheBachelorette candidates," he notes.

His tweet continues: "[Khloe Kardashian] couldn't tell [Kim Kardashian anyways]."

Khloe is Aghast on KUWTK

Kris may have responded by laughing out loud, but Khloe took to Twitter to show that she doesn't think that any of this is funny.

"I’m not f--king clickbait right now," Khloe insists. "Stop or you will be hearing from my lawyers. How insensitive!!"

To be clear, she's threatening to sue Fleiss for joking about her on Twitter.

Fleiss countered: "This is about helping people find true love -- nothing more!!!"

"You can not be sued for trying to help somebody find true love," he asserts. "Just sayin’."

Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Go Away

Khloe is dealing with Tristan's betrayal, and with the reality that he always felt entitled to bone other gals.

She's also grappling with the fact that his latest conquest was Kylie's BFF, Jordyn Woods, who was practically family before this scandal.

A lot of us feel for Khloe, even if we found it strange that she stuck with Tristan for these past 10 months.

However, her insistence that she's "not clickbait right now" is a little weird.

One of hte downsides of the kind of hypervisibility and fame of the Kardashians is that you're literally always clickbait.

We can all be sensitive to her situation, but fame isn't something that you can simply turn off.

Khloe Kardashian Ponders Life

That said, Mike Fleiss' counter that The Bachelorette is about helping people find true love is laughable.

It's not some sort of nonprofit organization. It's a televised contest.

The franchise exists for entertainment. Love and marriage are occassional byproducts.

And, for the record, you can sue just about anyone for just about anything. But it might get tossed out of court and it will definitely cost you money.

The real reason that we don't expect to see Khloe on The Bachelorette is simple.

Khloe already has a reality show, but she's not going to let it tell her whom to date.

Also, she's on E!, which is part of NBC. She's not going to jump ship to a show on ABC.

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