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It’s impossible to talk about Tori Spelling these days without mentioning the actress’ money troubles.

It’s also impossible not to wonder how in the hell she ended up in this position.

Dean McDermott with Wife

Put simply, Tori is broke.

She and her husband, Dean McDermott, have faced numerous six-figure lawsuits from creditors in recent years.

They’ve downsized their home from a posh spread in tony Calabasas to a rental in working-class Encino.

Dean McDermott and Family

They’ve pleaded for sympathy from the public; they’ve begged for a second shot at reality fame; and they’ve peddled vacation rentals in what some have derided as a pyramid scheme.

In other news, Tori isn’t broke by the standards of a Hollywood heiress; she’s just flat out regular-person broke.

Amidst all of her financial woes, however, Spelling stunned fans when she welcomed a fifth child.

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Now, despite the fact that she’s 45 and seems to struggle to support the kids she has, Tori is reportedly considering welcoming a sixth child.

And at least one member of her inner circle is less than thrilled by the idea.

Tori has long had a tumultuous relationship with her mother, Candy Spelling.

Candy Spelling Image

In fact, one of the reasons that Tori is having such a hard time financially is that Candy prevented her from receiving a large part of her inheritance after arriving at the correct conclusion that Tori should not be trusted to handle large sums of money.

“She hasn’t told me, but you know she’s really considering it,” a resigned Candy told Hollywood Life when asked this week if Tori will be welcoming a sixth kid.

Candy made it clear that she’s not crazy about the idea, but she says there’s no questioning Tori and Dean’s parenting skills.

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“But they are so cute and they are the best-behaved children,” Candy gushed, adding:

“I am always so proud when I go out for dinner with them. We go out every Sunday night as a family.”

Candy admits she’s somewhat baffled by Tori and Dean’s deftness as parents, but she applauds them for their commitment.

“I don’t know how she has made it happen, but I think it’s because she does a lot with them and so does Dean,” Candy said.

“They are great parents, they are both very present all the time and it’s the consistency and presence that makes all the difference.”

She didn’t discuss finances directly — or the fact that Dean is behind on his child support payments to his first wife — but Candy says she’s optimistic about Tori’s future.

“She is recreating it herself. She has a fantastic skin care line and I’m just really happy for her,” Candy says.

Clearly, this is a woman who’s looking forward to a future in which she can stop issuing personal loans.