Nick Cannon Thinks Travis Scott Betrayed Black People by Knocking Up Kylie Jenner

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Nick Cannon thinks Travis Scott is a traitor to his race because he got Kylie Jenner pregnant.

Okay, that isn't entirely true:

Nick Cannon thinks Travis Scott is a traitor to his race partially because he got Kylie Jenner pregnant.

nick and travis

While appearing on BET's Raq Rants this week, Cannon took Scott to task for a couple decisions he recently made as an African-American.

In short, the America's Got Talent host thinks the rapper has no appreciation for his culture.

One basis for this conclusion is Scott agreeing to perform at halftime of next month's Super Bowl alongside Maroon 5 and Big Boi.

Scott had previously received flak for this move from Al Sharpton, who slammed the artist for supporting a league (the NFL) that has cast out someone protesting civil rights injustices in America (Colin Kaepernick).

Kaepernick is the former 49ers quarterback who remains under for kneeling during the national anthem in order to call attention to police brutality in this country.

Nick Cannon on a Red Carpet

"I'm team Kaepernick all day," Cannon said on BET, explaining why he's not angry at Big Boi for the planned Super Bowl halftime show, at least not compared to his feelings on Scott:

"To me, I call it cultural equity. So, we're not mad at Big Boi for being on the Super Bowl - he's for the people. But for someone like Travis Scott, he's got to walk gingerly."

Ouch, huh?

Cannon is doing everything here but calling Scott an "Uncle Tom," and a major reason for doing so apparently is the child Scott produced by sleeping with Jenner.

"It's more about truly having integrity to who you are in your music, your art form, the people you choose to interact with, the people you choose to procreate with," Cannon explained.

"That decision [to have a baby with Jenner] wasn't for the culture, but we not mad at you."

Travis Scott Cradles Baby Stormi Webster

Wasn't for the culture.

That's definitely a new take.

ONE, how many people out there have kids with their "culture" in mind?

TWO, Scott most definitely did not plan to have little Stormi. The pregnancy was an accident.

Cannon, who dated Kim Kardashian way back in the day, was put on the spot in this interview about his past dating white women -- and he responded as follows:

"I love white women, let's set the record straight. But that's the thing, it's cultural equity at the end of the day."

Travis with Kylie

We're not saying anything more here about the weird pregnancy take, but for the record:

Billboard reported last week that Scott agreed to perform at the Super Bowl in Atlanta only after the NFL agreed to donate $500,000 to an organization called Dream Corps, which fights for social justice.

Aware of the criticism that has come his way, Scott recently released a statement that reads:

I back anyone who takes a stand for what they believe in. I know being an artist that it's in my power to inspire.

So before confirming the Super Bowl halftime performance, I made sure to partner with the NFL on this important donation.

I am proud to support Dream Corps and the work they do that will hopefully inspire and promote change.

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