Meghan Markle Social Media Obsession: Why She Can't Get Enough!

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Meghan Markle may have deleted her public social media accounts, but that doesn't mean she's no longer on social media.

It turns out that she's still lurking on social media.

She has become so obsessed with it that she's been looking behind Prince Harry's back!

Meghan Markle in the Shadows

Meghan misses the love and adoration that she used to get from her fans.

She would love to go back on social media to reconnect with her old fans and win over the royal fans who have been criticizing her every move.

Meghan thinks about social media day and night.

She's reportedly become "obsessed" with what people think of her.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Pictured Together

This news comes in lieu of the report that she's miserable over the reports that she's become entitled and spoiled.

"With so much drama surrounding her, Meghan really wants to know what everyone actually thinks of her," an insider told

Meghan still has plenty of fans who follow her at royal events.

She even stops to take selfies with some of them, shaking up royal protocols.

Signing for a Fan

Insiders told that Meghan is so used to being on social media.

She loved to go on Instagram and Twitter to see what people really think about her.

While she deleted her lifestyle blog, The Tig, as well as her official Twitter and Instagram accounts, she still has a few secret accounts that she created behind Prince Harry's back.

Staring at Harry

Meghan uses fake handles so she can follow her friends in private.

Prince Harry is used to living a life without social media. He was raised without it, after all.

Since he doesn't get the point of social media, Meghan has to sneak around behind his back to get her social media fix.

Meghan Markle Unhappy

For now, the only way that fans can keep up with Meghan Markle is through the Kensington Palace's Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts.

Some of the Royals have gotten access to these accounts.

Kate Middleton shares photos she's taken of her kids on these accounts.

As a Duchess

Even Harry has shared some of their scenic adventures in recent Instagram stories.

Meghan knows how to still make an appearance on social media thanks in part to her famous friends like Abigail Spencer, Priyanka Chopra, and Serena Williams -- all of which have shared posts about the Duchess of Sussex. 

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