Jinger Duggar Stuns Fans With Baby Felicity's Brilliant Blue Eyes

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Duggar fans and baby enthusiasts alike cannot get enough sweet pics of baby Felicity Vuolo.

Fortunately, neither Jinger nor Jeremy seem to be getting tired of taking or sharing snaps of this little cutie.

In their latest photo, as you'll see below, Felicity's eyes are so blue that you'd swear the pic had been photoshopped.

Jinger and Family

"Baby’s got blue eyes," Jeremy Vuolo captioned  this close-up of his adorable daugther.

Felicity Vuolo is just about a week away from turning six months old.

Her face is already alert and her eyes fixate on what she recognizes -- like her parents, and cameras.

This is great, because Felicity's eyes are a deep and intense blue.

We don't know whether to call them blue like sapphires or blue like blueberries. Both? Both.

Takea  look for yourself and be totally captivated by her sweet stare:

Felicity Vuolo Has Big Blue Eyes

Felicity is precious, and fans were quick to comment.

"She is so flipping cute," exclaimed one follower.

Another fan announced: "What beautiful eyes she has!!"

"Little Miss Vuolo is quite simply gorgeous and with that stunning color blue eyes," commented anohter. "I think that’s how they will stay."

Many children are born with blue or gray eyes that change color to something else during infancy.

This person believes that Felicity's eyes will remain this deep, intense blue.

That same commenter continued: "Just love your family and the photos you share."

Felicity Vuolo is Contemplative

The compliments kept pouring in.

"I found another person who would love to buy a doll that looks like Felicity," wrote a fan. "She is adorable with her big blue eyes and smile."

Okay, that is both flattering and a little creepy.

"She is beautiful!" exclaimed another follower. "You 2 make pretty babies! Enjoy this because time will fly."

It really will.

"Very cool," affirmed another commenter. "Hope they stay blue...btw, love that song!"

The song to which that person refers is an Elton John song, titled: "Baby's Got Blue Eyes."

Felicity Vuolo on Christmas, 2018

A few fans were a little stunned to see Jeremy refer to his daughter with a song by one of the most famous gay people on the planet.

"I ... was so confused how he could be an Elton John fan," confessed a follower.

Jeremy has been outspoken with his anti-gay views.

He has condemned his own in-laws, the Duggars, for (mostly) keeping quiet about their anti-gay stance.

In 2017, Jeremy came under fire for preaching against fellow Christians who are accepting of the LGBTQ community.

"All you have to do is look at the sexual revolution pressuring them," Jeremy said at the time.

Felicity Vuolo Found Her Hand

"And they cave in to a worldview that rejects God’s truth and embraces popular opinion," Jeremy claimed.

"Look at the revolution of popular thought," he insisted at the time.

"Look at the postmodernism of today’s culture," Jeremy continued. "Look at the sexual revolution."

"Look at the false idea of tolerance," he instructed. "Look at the false definition of love."

The message was that he sees fellow Christians accepting fellow human beings for existing as they are, and he sees that as a failing on their part.

He also condemned fellow pastors for even considering officiating same-sex marriages.

It seems that he believes that God's love is reserved for straight people.

Jinger Duggar and Felicity Vuolo, Twinning

We somehow doubt that Jeremy's line about baby Felicity's eyes was supposed to be an endorsement of Elton John.

Instead, he was just referring to a song, not accepting a massive community of fellow human beings.

Before you accuse Jeremy of hypocrisy, consider how few of us agree with the Duggar family about ... anything.

Jeremy may listen to Elton John while rejecting Elton's humanity.

But how many people watch Counting On without supporting the Duggars and their fertility cult?

At any rate, let's put our differences aside and just admire how cute Felicity is.

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