Bride Goes Viral with Mysterious, Overly Aggressive Save-the-Date

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We've seen plenty of unusual/offensive/hilarious/ridiculous wedding invitations or requests over the years.

Such as the list of outrageous demands made by this bridezilla to her attendees.

But have you ever heard of a save-the-date that didn't actually list any date to be saved?

But DID warn potential wedding-goers about how expensive the trip would be and outlined all the reasons why they may not want to check yes?

Neither had we. Until now...


An unidentified woman from Australia has gone viral after her two-page Save-the-Date was shared on Facebook.

As you can see below, this announcement doesn't actually tell loved ones when her wedding will take place. Or where it will take place, not specifically at least.

Instead, it is comprised of a bizarre list of requirements titled “Things To Keep In Mind Before You Say Yes."

Let's go over the passages that have been scrutinized and mocked the most by folks on the Internet, shall we?


FIRST, the bride notes that she hasn’t yet picked a venue; she only knows that it will be held “in an Asian country," possibly the Philippines, Thailand or Vietnam.

SECOND, she writes "you will need at least two weeks off…one week is [too] short for how long the flights are."

She writes this despite also saying that the festivites themselves will only take "2-3 days."

THIRD, the bride feels a need to explain how money and vacations work, telling her friends and relatives:

You will need approximately $4,000 to $5,000 or more if you desire; that includes hotels, food, drink, daily adventures, scooter rentals. Just good to have safe buffer money.

You will not spend all of this…all depends on what kind of holiday you want.

FOURTH, the woman makes a point to tell the invitees they should “think this all over” before RSVPing, but that they will “really love it over there.”


Of course, it's not clear where there actually is, considering, once again, there aren't any actual details included on the Save-the-Date.

This, along with the weird details that are included, prompted Facebook users to react in horror, shock and disgust over the viral message.

“I think this is an invitation to be murdered," one person quipped.

“These people really do not want anyone at their wedding,” another person commented.

“She might not even need a venue after those ‘save the dates’, as it might just be her and the hubby," another agreed.

“Has anyone started counting the grammar/spelling mistakes?” one individual wondered.

Insane Bridezilla

We're sure the bride would just say she wanted to make sure everyone understood what he or she was getting into.

She would likely argue that she was trying not to pressure anyone into coming on such an endeavor; that she wrote all this for their sake.

But it still comes across as really strange, condescending and aggressive.

"We hope to give you at least 9 months in advance, so if you want to attend, start saving your pennies now!" she added.

"Once we receive everyone’s save-the-dates back and know how many people are willing to make the long journey to attend, we will begin finding a venue and send out the invitations."

As one generous reader pointed out, this wasn't an awful idea in theory. The questions should have been asked far less formally, however, long before any Save-the-Date was actually sent out.

Because in execution?

Holy terribleness, right?

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