Teen Mom Young & Pregnant: NOT Canceled! Actually Coming Back For Another Season!

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Did you watch the first season of Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant?

If not, you're certainly not alone.

Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant Cast

Like Bristol Palin, Young & Pregnant didn't turn out to be the ratings juggernaut the Teen Mom franchise is so desperately seeking these days.

Despite the fact that the show failed to take off in the same way as its predecessors, it apparently attracted a large enough audience to warrant a second chance.

The Ashley's Reality Roundup is reporting today that Young & Pregnant has officially been renewed for a second season.

Teen Mom Young & Pregnant Cast Pic

“The people behind the scenes of the show got notice in late November that MTV was giving [Young & Pregnant] another season,” a source tells The Ashley.

“They were supposed to start filming in January, but they started early. Most of the girls have been filming for Season 2 since mid-December.”

There were rumors of Young and Pregnant being renewed over the summer, but apparently, MTV didn't reach the decision to order more episodes until November.

Teen Mom Young & Pregnant

Now, for contractual reasons, Season 2 isn't really Season 2, but Season 1B.

It's a clever workaround that MTV and Viacom use to avoid having to renegotiate contracts every year.

But despite the fact that they didn't get a chance to hold out for more money, all of the moms will be returning for Teen Mom Young & Pregnant Season 1B.

Ashley Jones on Instagram

(You know a franchise has been around for a long time when it starts delivering mouthful titles like that one.)

Ashley Jones, Lexi Tatman, Brianna Jaramillo, Jade Cline and Kayla Sessler are all currently filming.

If there was a standout in season 1A, it was likely Jones, whose feud with Farrah Abraham made her a fan favorite on Instagram.

Ashley Jones Photo

(Of course, that only happened after Jones befriended Farrah, which made her quite unpopular for a time.)

Rumors that Young & Pregnant had been canceled began to circulate back in November.

These were the result not only of ratings that started out low and declined throughout the season, but also of a cryptic Instagram post from Jones that seemed to indicate the show had come to an end.

Ashley Jones Modeling

"Well ladies, here goes my heartfelt post about what an honor its been to be apart of a TV show with you girls,” Ashley wrote.

“So grateful that our cast is full of love and understanding, and when times get hard we all reach out…It’s been a long emotional journey. But that’s a wrap. Wouldn’t have done it any other way.”

So either she was mistaken or MTV execs had a change of heart.

Either way, get ready for more Young & Pregnant (if you're among the very few who watched the first season, that is).

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