Ariel Winter Claps Back at Body-Shamers Who Say She's "Too Skinny"

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About half a year ago, Ariel Winter quit Twitter because she was inundated with so much hate from trolls.

Ariel is still seeing the hate on Instagram, especially from body-shamers who love to spread rumors.

This time, the haters think that she's "too skinny," but Ariel is clapping back.

Ariel Winter Flaunts Cleavage on Instagram

On Sunday, the day before she turned 21, Ariel Winter shared some photos with her best friend, fellow actor Joe Kaprielian.

In the photos, she is wearing a checkered jumpsuit.

While it's not skin tight, it's not exactly a puffy winter coat. Her form is not very obscured.

When she shared the pics on Instagram, she certainly received some positive feedback.

Ariel Winter Turns 21 Years Old

"You look amazing," one fan gushed.

Others said the same, or wished her a preemptive happy birthday.

Unfortunately, not everyone was so kind.

Body-shamers crawled out of the woodwork to tell Ariel that they don't approve of her body's shape.

"Omg you lost your butt," one said.

Another wrote: "Too skinny now."

Ariel Winter and Joe Kaprielian

Yet another added: "I’m sorry you felt the need to so dramatically change your appearance. I liked you just as you were. I hope you are happy in your new body though"

Obviously, whether you're whining about someone gaining or losing weight, body-shaming is body-shaming.

Some fans of Ariel rose to her defense and argued back against the trolls.

"Nothing wrong with being honest and telling her we liked her better before ‘the change,’" one commenter insisted.

Ariel Winter Flaunts Cleavage for Days

"She was so beautiful before she started chopping up her body," the body-shamer claimed.

"And if me saying so helps one gurl out here to feel beautiful who’s thinking of PS," the comment concluded. "Its worth it."

PS, in this case, refers to plastic surgery, which this body-shamer assumes that Ariel underwent to shrink her butt.

Ariel herself took notice of this particular comment -- though who knows how many others she had to see.

Ariel Winter claps back January 2019

To this one, perhaps because she felt this was someone who could be reached, Ariel replied.

"I appreciate you wanting to help girls love themselves the way they are," Ariel began.

"But," she pointed out. "You are also kind of cutting someone (me) down."

Holding someone up as a cautionary tale is absolutely cutting that person down.

Ariel Winter on Lake Tahoe

Ariel gave the commenter the benefit of the doubt, writing: "which isn’t what I think you were trying to do?"

She also wanted to clear the air because there was definitely some misinformation in the comments.

"I also didn’t get plastic surgery," she clarified.

While she has been open about her breast reduction, she wants it to be clear that she hasn't done anything recently.

Ariel Winter, Makeup-Free Selfie

"That is also not supportive of women," Ariel concluded. "If you’re just assuming about the way they look."

She is absolutely right.

Too many people think that body positivity only goes in one direction. It does not.

Ariel has been battling body-shamers since she was a very young actress.

Ariel Winter, Underboob Galore

Fans -- including those who should really have known better -- would talk about her breasts.

She eventually got a breast reduction and has been so, so much happier since then.

But even this month, she has had to clear the air against some brutally hateful rumors about her weight loss.

"Not half as bad as all the coke/meth she uses," wrote some unspeakable troll. "She literally dropped 30 pounds."

Ariel replied to that hater with some biting sarcasm.

Ariel Winter Hot

"My psychiatrist switched me from my previous anti depressant that didn’t work," Ariel began. "And made me gain weight to coke/meth!!"

"Definitely not a new one that worked and then regulated metabolism," she joked. "Coke/meth was a controversial decision but she stands by it."

One, that is genuinely a funny way to reply. Two, you can really taste the venom in her words. Good. That anger is justified.

And three, of course: Ariel's body's shape and weight and how she attained them are none of anyone's business.

Please just let people ... exist.

Anyway, we hope that Ariel had a very happy birthday on Monday. 21 is the last good milestone so we hope that she's living it up.

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