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Amanda Stanton is open with fans about many things, whether she’s discussing her exes or her (dropped) domestic battery charges.

She’s so open with fans that she did a poll on whether she should let her daughter make a major change to her appearance.

When she didn’t follow the poll’s results, some fans mom-shamed her over it.

Amanda Stanton and Kinsley
Photo via Instagram

Amanda Stanton asked her fans and followers if she should allow her first-grader, Kinsley, to get highlights.

"How can I say no to this face?" Amanda asked, sharing an image of her adorable daughter.

As a joke, she even made a poll.

Obviously, she was not actually trying to crowdsource her parenting advice.

Kinsley has a mom, not a mob.

Amanda then shared a photo of Kinsley, which you can see above, captioning it: "Babe’s first highlights."

Kinsley, Daughter of Amanda Stanton
Photo via Instagram

Kinsley looks adorable with the very subtle change to her hair.

It’s a lovely mother-daughter bonding activity.

However, some of Amanda’s fans were incensed.

"Why do you do polls if you don’t even listen to the outcome," asked one truly absurd follower.

"Because," Amanda replied. "I value you guys’ opinion and do like to hear what you guys have to say."

"But ultimately," she actually had to explain. "It’s my decision, regardless of whatever wins the poll."

Amanda Stanton instagram stories q&a 01

Amanda had more to say, but first, we have to show you an extreme example of the kind of mom-shaming nonsense that she received.

"Has to stop babying her children or they are never gonna grow up," writes a deranged commenter.

This is in response to the photo at the top of the article, in which Amanda is (gasp) holding her daughter for a photo.

"Too old to be carrying them and coddling them all the time," the bonkers comment continues.

"But then," the loony words conclude. "Lets them damage their hair. Really?"

Amanda Stanton Criticized For Holding Daughter

Here’s hoping that said commenter has never been allowed within 50 feet of any child. Or adult.

Most of the mom-shaming comments were more about the highlights themselves.

Some insisted that Amanda was ruining her child’s hair for life.

Others said that it was too grown up and generally made arguments similar to those that people make when they whine about girls wearing makeup.

But, as Amanda revealed, it was all expected.

Amanda Stanton instagram stories confession

"Confession," Amanda began another post on her Instagram Story.

"When I posted the poll about getting Kin’s hair (HARDLY) highlighted," she wrote. "I knew it would trigger the trolls."

We don’t love the use of the word trigger here, but it’s sadly become all-too-common internet parlance.

(Obviously, we don’t think that Amanda Stanton is making fun of actual people with PTSD or OCD)

"But I did it anyway," Amanda continued. "So in a way I was trolling the trolls."

"Of course I got some messages saying she’s too young etc," she admitted.

"But," she noted. "I got a lot more saying ‘I’m so glad you let her and didn’t care what anyone negative had to say.’"

Amanda Stanton Shines
Photo via Getty

"So, moral of the story is,” Amanda continued.

“Not everyone is going to agree with everything you do … & that’s okay!" she affirmed.

"We all are entitled to our own decisions and opinions and thoughts on parenting etc," she wrote.

"And," she concluded. "Not everyone is going to agree with you and that’s OKAY."

Obviously, if a parent is doing something harmful, that’s different — but not relevant to Amanda’s situation.

She literally just let her daughter get highlights. Chill, folks.