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It turns out that relationships with the dearly departed are more than just ghost sex on airplanes.

Sometimes, the living and unliving break up.

Amanda Teague Married a Pirate Ghost

That is what has happened to a woman who famously married the 300-year-old ghost of a pirate.

Love is officially dead. (Sorry.)

Amanda Sparrow Large Teague is a 45-year-old Jack Sparrow impersonator from Northern Ireland.

True to her profession, she married a centuries-old pirate ghost — by the name of Jack.

The wedding took place earlier in 2018 in international waters in an effort for the marriage to be legal.

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Amanda invited a medium to perform the ceremony so that Jack would be able to say "yes" when prompted.

It is unclear as to whether Jack became a stepfather to Amanda’s five children.

However, this unlikely union has come to an end.

Amanda has announced that her relationship with Jack has come to an end.

"So I feel it’s time to let everyone know that my marriage is over," Amanda revealed with a heavy heart.

A Ghost

It’s unclear if she means a divorce, a separation, or an exorcism.

"I will explain all in due course," she promised.

"But for now," she added. "All I want to say is be VERY careful when dabbling in spirituality, it’s not something to mess with…"

Amanda’s romance with Jack began long before her marriage to him.

She said that, in 2014, she was visited in bed by the spirit of a Haitian man.

She later learned that the man’s name was Jack, and that he had been an 18th Century pirate.

Amanda Sparrow Large Teague

According to Amanda, Jack reported to her that he had been left at the altar.

Ultimately, she says, he was executed for thievery.

Over the course of six months, Amanda says, she began to develop feelings for and a relationship with Jack.

She says that her relationship with Jack eventually became physical — well, in a manner of speaking.

"Growing up in Ireland in my era, you were taught that if a man bedded you, he should wed you,” Amanda explained. 

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“I knew from my research that spiritual marriage was a thing," she said. "So it was more me that wanted to get married than him."

"He would have been happy like most men with just sex," Amanda reported.

One could see why Jack might get cold feet about a wedding, having been left at the altar.

And also because he’s a ghost.

We have to wonder what Amanda means by her warning about dabbling in spirituality.

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Has she experienced a spiritual or religious crisis of belief, and now believes that some trickster or demon impersonated Jack?

We don’t doubt that some very sincere religious organizations reached out to her to persuade her that marrying a ghost was an abomination.

Or has she become concerned that Jack is taking advantage of his phantasmal nature to dock his ship at other ports, so to speak?

Many people would pay for a tell-all about a woman advising other women who marry ghosts to keep an eye out for spectral infidelity.

Still, Amanda once said that she hoped that, by speaking out, she’d help other women who bang ghosts feel more comfortable discussing it.

We are, of course, not going to tell anyone what to believe about ghosts.

Some people believe in ghosts, others do not, and that’s fine.

For that matter, beliving in ghosts does not in any way mean that someone might believe every ghost story, particularly those involving banging the dearly departed.

Skeptics may believe that Amanda simply wanted attention, or is delusional, or experienced sleep paralysis hallucinations and believed they were real.

Whatever it is, it looks like it’s over — for now.

We’ve seen relationships rekindle after rougher breakups than this, however.