Shannon Beador: David Can't Stop Me From Drinking Around Our Kids!!

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Last week, David Beador accused Shannon of being a drunk who couldn't take care of their three teenage daughters.

He based his court filing on statements that she had made on the The Real Housewives of Orange County reunion special.

Now, Shannon is firing back with a court filing of her own. She says that David is just bitter.

Shannon Beador is So Done

In court documents obtained by Us Weekly, Shannon Beador is firing back at David's claims that she's too drunk to care for their teen daughters.

"I am informed and believe -- based on his communication with me (and sometimes his refusal to communicate)," Shannon begins.

She continues: "that the Respondent is deeply angry with me."

That happens a lot in contentious divorces, and the Beador split is definitely that.

(Remember when David had the water shut off at her house, where his own daughters live? Yeah)

"And," Shannon says, David "was looking to hurt and embarrass me."

David Beador Appears on Watch What Happens Live

"His Request for Order was apparently designed to attract media attention and assert control," Shannon speculates.

Celebrity divorces are tricky, not only because of the finances involved, but because filings are often made public.

That can really change someone's agenda if either party is feeling petty.

"The term to which Respondent refers (and mischaracterizes), ‘self-medicate,’ was used during a frank conversation," Shannon says.

She was talking "about the breakdown of our marriage and the issues precipitating it."

Shannon then provides context: "The conversation was filmed for the television show of which I have been a cast member for five years."

Shannon Beador Debuts New Look

"At no time did I use the term ‘self-medicating’ or say that I was abusing alcohol," Shannon points out.

She then points out that reality television is not a documentary or a confession.

The filing says: "Respondent is basing his request on a moment of a TV show that has been edited for entertainment purposes."

A court could conceivably subpoena raw, unedited footage from a reality series.

This would make sense, especially for a reality show about families, if the court suspects that cameras have evidence of wrongdoing.

But what airs on Bravo is almost never going to meet courtroom standards for evidence.

Shannon, David Beador

Shannon makes it clear that she is not claiming to be perfect.

"In real life," Shannon says. "I have admitted to making a handful of poor choices in the last year-and-a-half."

Real life should not be conflated with her show.

"But I have taken responsibility for my mistakes," she asserts. "And discussed them with our children, their therapist, and my therapist."

Shannon adds: "The same cannot be said about the Respondent’s accountability."

Shannon Beador Speaks to the Camera

Ultimately, Shannon says that she does not consent to David's demand that she abstain from any alcohol while her children are present.

But Shannon suggests a parental order of her own.

Her filing reads: "(a) neither parent shall engage in any behavior that is detrimental to the children,"

It continues: "(b) each party shall supervise the children appropriately when they are in his/her care."

Finally: "And (c) each party shall co-parent cooperatively and communicate respectfully with the other at all time."

We suggest that she not hold her breath for David to agree to that.

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