Samantha Markle to Meghan: Wake Up! Our Dad Will Be Dead Soon!

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According to a new report, Samantha Markle has sent her half-sister a holiday card.

But don't get too excited.

This isn't a sign that Samantha wants to bury any hatches with Meghan Markle.

Quite the opposite, really.

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Just a few days after Samantha blased Meghan and Prince Harry's Christmas card for being tone deaf and "sad," this pathetic excuse for a human being has chosen to use this special time to try and guilt trip the ever-living heck out of Meghan.

"Dear Meg, This is not meant to be formal," Samantha writes in the card, adding:

"The Holidays are a time for family and are sentimental. As you know, Dad has been trying to contact you and is very hurt because you are avoiding him."

Yes, we all know this.

Samantha has consistently said for many months now that her and Meghan's dad, Thomas, is despondent because he has no contact with his famous daughter.

Meghan Markle Royally Waves

And Samantha says here that she thinks this is shame because Thomas could die at any second.

"Life is short and you know Dad is wonderful. Please give him joy in his last years by showing that you love him," she wrote in the card, laying on the guilt as thick as possible by explaining:

"The time is NOW. Please think about this."

The note came just as Samantha told The Mirror that her and Markle's father's health is deteriorating quickly.

"Dad could die before next Christmas," she told the tabloid. "I'm hoping that won't be the case, but it would be tragic and sad if he doesn't get to be around to resolve this."

Markle and Harry Christmas Card

At this point, we'll once again jump in to say that Samantha is 17 years older than Meghan.

They share the same dad, but never shared a household growing up and have barely talked throughout their lives.

Samantha has simply felt a need to insert herself into our lives because she's found a way to profit off Meghan's fame and good fortune to have found her soulmate in Harry.

She's slammed Meghan left, right and in between all year long, pushing the idea that their father could die at any moment.

"I think Meg would harbor a lot of regret if this were his last Christmas alive and she didn't reach out and make things right," Samantha told The Mirror in this latest interview.

Meghan Markle in the Shadows

Thomas, as you likely know, as been living a quiet life far away from the spotlight down in Mexico.

He missed the Royal Wedding due to health problems and due to embarrassment over a paparazzi photo scandal in which he confessed to paying folks to snap his not-really-candid pictures.

"There is not another day or week guaranteed, so Meg needs to act quickly. The clock is ticking," Samantha said about her dad's heart problems and his broken relationship with The Duchess of Sussex.

This lingering issue of Markle's father continues to cause strife within the walls of Kensington Palace.

Supposedly, the Queen has even tried to intervene at times.

Meghan Markle with Her Ring

Thomas, meanwhile, has come out of hiding of late to complain over and over about Meghan.

"I have been ghosted. I am very disappointed by it. I am not sure why it is happening. I [have] been reaching out. I have been trying to reach out for several weeks," he recently said.

"Every day [I] send a text, I just haven't got anything back.

"I just keep asking for her to respond back to me and I haven't got any response back. I have sent letters.

He concluded as follows:

"There has to be a place for me, I'm her father. I will be the grandfather to the children.

"All I can say is that I'm here, she knows it, and I've reached out to her and I need her to reach back to me. I love her very much."

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