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Disgraced former Southern Charm star Thomas Ravenel will stand trial for sexual assault, and he is also being sued for the same incident.

His baby mama and ex, Kathryn Dennis, is making the best of Christmas for their two very young children.

She even shared a series of sweet Christmas photos. See them for yourself:

Kathryn Dennis and Kids on Christmas

"Real life," Kathryn Dennis captioned this short series of pictures.

In the pictures, she poses alongside her very young children.

Her daughter, Kensington Calhoun Ravenel, is four years old.

Her son, Saint Julien Rembert Ravenel, is is only two.

As you can see, both are decked out in festive attire for the occassion.

Kathryn Dennis' Family Christmas Photo

Kathryn also put the photos into context and sent a message with her tags.

"#Christmasfamilyphoto," Kathryn writes. "#reality."

She is a star of reality television, but Kathryn places herself among a growing number of reality stars who use social media to share this message:

Reality television is not real life.

Not for the first time, Kathryn is reminding her fans and followers that what they see on camera is just that.

It’s entertainment.

Her real life — her reality — revolves around her two precious children.

Kathryn Dennis and Kids Smile on Christmas

Of course, there are other, less pleasant parts of Kathryn’s life these days.

She is engaged in a court battle for primary custody of Kensie and Saint.

According to Kathryn’s court filings, Thomas goes through "periods of impulsive and uncontrollable bouts of anger."

That is something that matches up with what multiple people, including his own friends and former castmates, have said.

Kathryn’s court documents say that Thomas struggles with "extreme narcissism and anger management problems."

Kathryn Dennis on Insta

Per the court accusation, she also accuses him of relying "upon the use of full-time nannies."

And that is not the end of it.

Court documents allege that Thomas "has drunk alcohol to excess, mixed with prescription drugs, that has caused him to be impaired."

Partying on your own time is fine, but she says that Thomas has done this "during periods of time in which he had custody of the children."

That might be mitigated if he is relying upon full-time nannies, but ti’s not exactly encouraging.

Combined with everything else, including the two accusations of sexual assault, and it doesn’t paint a pretty picture of Thomas as a man or as a father.

Thomas Ravenel and Kathryn

Thomas, however, hit back.

Thomas argued that Kathryn made these court arguments "in bad faith."

He went on to argue that Kathryn did so "for the purpose of garnering media attention."

Thomas even alleged that Kathryn was bent toward "creating material for her storyline on Southern Charm and ensuring her marketability as a ‘reality TV star.’"

Kathryn’s priority is her children. Everything else is secondary.

Because celebrity court battles are so very public, it is not uncommon for one party to argue that the other is just trying to feed a media frenzy.

Sometimes, the men who make these arguments are just bad dudes.

Kathryn Dennis Unhappy at the Reunion

One thing that we should point out about these Christmas photos is that we don’t know who took them.

It could be anyone — hired help, a friend, or any family member.

It could also be Thomas Ravenel himself.

Sometimes, parents set aside their differences on holidays, especially when young children are involved.

That said, it appears that Thomas and Kathryn held separate Christmases for their children at separate homes.

A wise decision.