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Jon Gosselin is already a full-time father once again.

As previously reported, he has won custody of son Collin and the 14-year old will move in with his father permanently some time in the next few weeks.

But might Jon Gosselin also become a full-time husband once again?

Colleen Conrad and Jon Gosselin

There is certainly a strong likelihood, the former reality star now admits.

“I’ve been with Colleen for four years now,” Jon told journalists at WE tv’s Real Love: Relationship Reality TV’s Past, Present & Future panel on Tuesday in Beverly Hills.

He’s referring here to Colleen Conrad, a fellow Pennsylvania resident with children of her own who saw something in Gosselin back in 2014 for some reason.

“I’ve thought about [marroage], yeah – talked about it,” the father of eight added.

“She’s driven. I’ve known Colleen my whole life. We grew up three blocks from each other. Her sister used to babysit me.”

Colleen Conrad

Jon, of course, was married to Kate Gosselin for 10 years.

They got divorced in 2009, following multiple seasons of a TLC series that chronicled their seemingly unhappy marriage and their valiant attempt to raise a set of twins and a set of sextupluets.

The ex-couple has been at each other’s throats basically every single day since, but the cantakerous relationship recently took a turn for the unexpected.

Gosselin filed for custody of Collin and at least temporarily won his case when Kate simply no-showed a court hearing on December 4.

"That’s her. I would always go to court, no matter what," Gosselin said in response to his ex’s baffling decision.

Jon Gosselin and Girlfriend Colleen Conrad

Jon has also been spending a great deal of time with daughter Hannah for over a year now, but he does not have legal custody of her.

Not yet, at least.

Kate is yet to speak publicly on her former husband returning prominently to the lives of her kids.

She’s barely said anything about anything at all on social media, in fact.

As for when Jon might propose to Colleen?

“Just look at my Instagram," he simply teases for now. "That’s how stories get out anyway, I guess. It’s so funny.”

Jon Gosselin and Hannah Gosselin, Go Eagles

In November, Jon shared a picture of he and Colleen’s blended family, including two of his children: the aforementioned daughter Hannah and son Collin.

Also featured in the photo were Conrad’s son Jesse and daughter Jordan.

Those are her only two kids.

Looking forward, Jon says he’s excited to welcome Collin home after he spent two years in a program for young ones with special needs.

Into his home, of course, that is.

"It was just easier for the transition,” Jon explains.

“So it’d be easier for one parent to just transition him home, and he wanted to live with me, so it was easier to do it that way. Hannah lives with me full time."